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Hi folks,At 46yo I was diagnosed with T4 anal cancer back in September 2019, finished the 6wks of  chemo radiotherapy in December, & am now dealing with the physical fallout so thought it might be a good time to connect with some of you folks who understand. I've b...Read More
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Hi, new to the cancer community. Diagnosed early April 2022 with metastatic pancreatic cancer at 46. Round 3 of chemo on Monday. Terrified but trying to stay strong for my 4 boys. Can't wrap my head around how I went from healthy working mum to fortnightly chemo mu...Read More
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Yesterday has got to have been the worse day. We knew it was coming, mum was restless and feeling so unwell. She pushed us away until just before she left this world. She only wanted my dad to be around when she left. I missed her by a maybe 30 minutes. But I spoke...Read More
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Below is something I wrote in a memoir of my own father's passing. Maybe by reading it others will heal, or inspire others to do their own writing to help healing. It’s often been said that the doorway of grief is so large, that you can’t go over the top or below i...Read More
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I lost my Dad on the 17th of August 2021. It’s been two months now and I’m still a wreck. It comes in waves, but his birthday is coming soon and I know I’m going to be a wreck. I’m 26 about to turn 27 and I feel so lost. There was still so much I needed to learn fr...Read More
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