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Hi,  I have my first appointment tomorrow with the oncology team who are setting up my combined chemo and radiotherapy treatment (I have head and neck cancer)...  I was looking online at wig options etc last night and looking at videos about it and for the first ti...Read More
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Hi, i was diagnosed with melanoma cancer Stage 3, on New Years Eve...2021.I have had the lymph nodes out and it has been recommended to do 5 weeks of neck radiation and then a year of target therapy.      Please can someone share their experience with neck radiatio...Read More
25 replies Wednesday
Hi,I have been trying to find a platform to share my grief with people who might understand.So I came to join this community and started reading everyone’s posts.Although I could sympathise with many difficult journeys, caring for terminally ill partners, before de...Read More
5 replies Tuesday
Did anyone catch "Cancer: A story of hope" on Catalyst last week? If not, it's available to view here for free (approx 1hr)    It follows several cancer patients at Chris O'Brien Lifehouse (in Sydney) ...Read More
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Hi, I’ve not been diagnosed with cancer but am somewhat worried that something is going on and I guess am after a bit of advise tips on how to push for further investigation.In early May of this year (2021) I noticed swelling at the base of my neck on the left side...Read More
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