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In October last year my husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer stage 4, it had spread to his liver when diagnosed.  He started chemo in November and so far has only been able to have had 5 treatments due to being unwell, mainly due to side effects.  He is 63 ...Read More
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Hi,I hope this isn't frowned upon posting this here, but if it's against any rules, please just delete it. There is a new support group being started for young survivors (25 to 45 years of age) of cancer of all types, who are no longer receiving treatment.The first...Read More
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The Sydney Head & Neck Cancer Forum will be held on Friday, June 12th.   This Forum has been designed for patients, people who have completed their treatment, as well as family, friends and carers.   The Forum is co-hosted by St Vincent’s Public Hospital & The King...Read More
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 Hi guys 殺 Just to update i have done my day surgery yesterday... its Called LLETZ and everything is okay the doctor and all of them really kind , and when i come to a surgery room , im soo nervous and scared coz this is my 1st time , but all the nurse and doctor g...Read More
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Today, I saw my GP. I went with complaints of swollen but not tender lymph nodes. My right occipital node was so large and red that she thought it was a cyst at first. This is is my only uncomfortable/tender node. Upon feeling around, where I thought I'd only had 4...Read More
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