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Restrictions on who can visit you in hospital during the COVID-19 situation will usually be determined by your hospital and are influenced by the condition of the person who is ill, so you should speak to the hospital directly about their policy. Our health servic...Read More
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I have been having too many burps and passing gas for a month now. Over the last week I experienced a burning sensation in my stomach and some pain near my navel. Though I am eating ok and no problems swallowing, I have clammy hands and feet and don’t feel well. I ...Read More
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While these may feel like uncertain times, regular checkups, including follow up care, are important appointments to maintain between you and your doctor.   A doctor will advise if your circumstances change and they are unable to see you for a planned appointment....Read More
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It is important to talk with your treatment team before travelling for treatment and follow up appointments to avoid unnecessary travel. Many services have already moved to telephone consultations and this may be the right solution for you. Your doctor should be a...Read More
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Clinical trials are an important way to improve treatment for people with cancer. If a clinical trial proves that a test or treatment is more effective than existing options, it may become the new standard of care for patients in the future. A trial can also ide...Read More
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