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Wondering if anyone on here has considered or has  refused treatment. In the past year I’ve had an Anal Cancer diagnosis, gone through radiation and chemo where I had to relocate to the city for the 7 week treatment away from family and friends and needing to take ...Read More
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My father had some sort of cancer in his face and neck probably 16/17 years ago. He still suffers from the radiation side affects.My mother had breast cancer 15 years ago, had a mastectomy and chemo. Sailed through it all really well.2016 I was diagnosed with Nodul...Read More
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Hello to everyone,I am writing this from far north in Estonia, I am 20 years old and my 53 year old mother was diagnosed with 3rd stage endometrial cancer in early December of 2020. She had complained about lower abdominal pain month prior and visited several docto...Read More
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Is it just me or does everyone seem to crumble around you as soon as you tell them you have cancer 
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I haven't been here for a while and thought I'd let you know how I am going.  I was diagnosed with Small Cell Lung Cancer in February this year and decided against chemo or radiotherapy. For quite a while I went along really well - no need for any medications.  The...Read More
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