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Our next Cancer Council Webinar will be streaming live, here, in the Online Community!   The topic for our next Webinar is: "How do I live well with advanced cancer?"   The panel members for this webinar are as follows: Diana Adams Associate Professor, Dr Craig Gedye...Read More
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Hey everyone. Just turned 42 and was told I have RCC in the upper lobe of my R kidney. Dr says they should be able to remove it and should be fine. Anyone's thoughts on this? It's only 2.6cm x 1.6 x 2.3cm solid tumor. He's saying since it's early I should be ok. An...Read More
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Hi everyone,  I'm new here and don't really have a specific question, I just need to unload if you will. I had a shave biopsy on a blue naevus looking mole 2 weeks ago, 4 dermotopatholigists have looked at it and 2 favor a combined blue naevus and atypical spindle ...Read More
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Hello, I am new to this forum... In June this year my husband was diagnised with an HPV related cancer of his tongue, stage 1. After consulting with a few doctors, he decided to go with Proton radiation and chemo. The surgery was also considered however due to the ...Read More
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I was diagnosed yesterday (preliminary prognosis until staging is confirmed)- with Stage 2 endometrial cancer. I’m 41 and have had a history of ovarian cysts, recently having laproscopy, Lletz, D&C etc which thankfully found a mass. The specialist was baffled becau...Read More
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