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I am writing here to see if anyone has been in this situation and may know who I could speak to or where I can turn now.  My father has had CLL for many years now and was on Venetoclax for a period of 2 years.  That has come to an end as of about 2 months ago and h...Read More
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Just called the admissions people at Liverpool Hospital here in Sydney and they have informed me that there isn't any date for my admission and that ALL elective surgeries have been put on hold until further notice due to corona. I have completed my 3 month waiting...Read More
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Has anyone else out there who’s been through 35 radiation and 3 chemotherapy hits (cisplatin) had any issues with numbing, tingling (pins & needles) aching , burning and sharp pains in their arms. I went to my GP and he says it’s a side effect of my cancer treatmen...Read More
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G'day, just a really quick post, possibly my final post here, because I'm done with cancer.  It's in the rearview.  I don't think or obsess about it any more, I just think about it in connection with how it impacts other people (like my little friend Archer who I m...Read More
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My husband has just been diagnosed with cancer. Its inoperable and he has been given about 6 months to live with chemo.  I am devastated, shocked, numb. I keep looking at our kids who are both under 10 and i am filled with grief, not just for my husband, but on the...Read More
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