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Hello,  I am 33 years old, and I was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I am awaiting surgery so they can tell me what stage my cancer is in, and from there we will proceed with treatment. I have been mostly in a state of shock for the last 2 weeks. At first, ...Read More
1 reply 2 hours ago
I was diagnosed yesterday (preliminary prognosis until staging is confirmed)- with Stage 2 endometrial cancer. I’m 41 and have had a history of ovarian cysts, recently having laproscopy, Lletz, D&C etc which thankfully found a mass. The specialist was baffled becau...Read More
298 replies 5 hours ago
My mom hadn’t been feeling well since the end of October 2019.  We all went out for Thanksgiving dinner as she wasn’t up to making her usual feast.   That was good with us.  We’ve gone from a large family just down to her, dad, my daughter and me.  During dinner sh...Read More
2 replies 7 hours ago
Hi everyone, I am sending you all the biggest hugs as we deal with the awfulness that is cancer and what it does to our loved ones.31 December my beautiful Mum was diagnosed with advanced gallbladder cancer. We tried all the treatments she could undergo, but nothin...Read More
6 replies 7 hours ago
Today, I saw my GP. I went with complaints of swollen but not tender lymph nodes. My right occipital node was so large and red that she thought it was a cyst at first. This is is my only uncomfortable/tender node. Upon feeling around, where I thought I'd only had 4...Read More
1 reply 9 hours ago
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