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I have bought hubby home to end his days with cancer. We have the pain under control but the delirim is getting worse and we hardly have a lucid moment these days. Is this normal or should I be reviewing his medication?
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12 months ago today at the age of 45 I had surgery at Monash Moorabbin to remove a 15cm ovarian tumor. In addition, I had a full hysterectomy, my appendix, lymph nodes and some of the lining of my abdomen was also removed.1 week after surgery, I received the news t...Read More
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Hi anyone It is taking months and months for me to get hospital visits and a diagnosis. During my last appointment the dr told me it's not unlikely I have cancer... Does anyone have any feedback for me regarding my symptoms vs. cancer or something benign? Last year...Read More
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Hi, 6 months ago I was a fit healthy 31 year old carpenter, I was having the most successful year at work I've had, and generally in a state of happiness and excitement at the life I was living. Then out of nowhere, I woke on a Sunday morning in extreme pain in my ...Read More
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Hello ... I'm hoping someone can give me a heads up .. my husband who is 68 has undergone 2 rounds so far of chemo for esophageal /stomach cancer and this second round has knocked him for a six - his fatigue is total .. can barely roll over in bed and hasnt been ou...Read More
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What do you think about the new cervical screening program?
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