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Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum. Just at the beginning of all this and it's sort of a headspin. My mother has very recently been diagnosed with breast cancer after finding a lump. She's had the biopsy to confirm; a 3cm lump, spread to the lymph nodes. We're still...Read More
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Hi everyone, Unfortunately, there are quite a few people who have had to face the prospect of a total gastrectomy, and there are a number of guides about what to expect soon after surgery, but I haven’t seen much about the longer-term aftermath of this drastic trea...Read More
by RJG in Blogs
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Hi everyone. I'm 46 and had a radical prostatectomy just under 4 weeks ago. I'm still getting erections (not as strong as they were, but strong enough), and my libido has remained strong. Surgeon said we could have non-vigorous sexual activity from yesterday. We di...Read More
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My 74 yo grandpa just got diagnosed with Small Cell Lung Cancer. It has mestastized to his stomach, bladder, and liver. They said this is aggressive and he begins treatment within the next two weeks.  He is having a really hard time and so is my grandma. My heart i...Read More
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and  have no clue what to do from here my doctor suggested surgery , I have learned there are so many other ways to treat it .I live alone with my buddy king he is a 3 year old pit bull my mistake was I raised him like he was human I would come home from work and t...Read More
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