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Recently my mother had seen an OBGYN for a few spots that were concerning. He did a biopsy near the few spots, not directly from them. He only took a few from 2 or 3 of the spots, but not all of them. I might be mistaken but thought they take them directly from the...Read More
3 replies 8 hours ago
Hi guys my name is Lisa I am a 2 time head and neck cancer survivor.   My Story I was diagnosed when I was 30 with squamis cell carsinoma at that time they removed my right eye and surrounding area . No chemo or radiation at that time I went through numerous surger...Read More
3 replies yesterday
Hi everyone,My partner was diagnosed with stage 4 nsclc in October 2015. After unsuccessful treatment with chemotherapy she was referred to palliative care by her previous consultant. I went private to get a second opinion and found a great consultant who enrolled ...Read More
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My Mum has just found out that her breast cancer has spread to her hip and spine. The oncologist is starting her on CDK4/6 in conjunction with other treatments. I understand it is quite a new drug and the doctor has shared some examples of side effects. I was wonde...Read More
2 replies Thursday
Thinking of the recent discussions held with other brain tumour sufferers, referring to coping with the ongoing and frustrating situation we all suffer in different forms. I thought I’d document my current feelings and thoughts after a short days work (5 hours).  I...Read More
3 replies Wednesday
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