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My husband has just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer....well, not exactly diagnosed yet.  20 years ago he fought off non-hodgkins lymphoma - twice. Extensive bone marrow and radiation was carried out and it just seemed to 'disappear'. I have noticed physical c...Read More
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After radiation and chemo  I thought I had it beat and I did for 6 months then it returned but I was not really freaked out. My military training helped me “adapt and overcome”
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Woof!    I made it through the 7 week radio and chemo somewhat unscathed by the Radio Rash syndrome.  Three weeks after the last Radio, the skin around my neck began to look domewhat sunburned.   This has become progressively worse, the skin now totally burned thro...Read More
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Hi all, having recently (4 weeks ago) had a successful operation to remove 3 cancerous lesions from my liver (metastasis) I now turn my focus to chemo treatment in a couple of weeks time and a process I certainly don’t look forward to but know it’s the best option ...Read More
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By an unusual chain of events I found out I had Stage 2 Lung Cancer.  I had no symptoms at all, no shortness of breath, no coughing, no coughing up blood. However, I was a smoker. I needed a medical certificate for work as I was taking Friday off, GP wanted to do E...Read More
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