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Hi all,I am international nursing student(final year). I was diagnosed with with kidney cancer on September 2019 at age of 26yrs old.And I underwent for Robotic assisted partial kidney removal. Later biopsy and Genetic test confirmed that my cancer is rare genetics...Read More
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Caring is not for the faint hearted, I have noticed that we often join a forum having ridden the emotional roller coaster for too long.   We feel exhausted, resentful, guilty, burnt out and more.  It is early days in relation to my husband's diagnosis and I am keen...Read More
10 replies 8 hours ago
As a nurse I feel like I’m supposed to be the strong informative one, but inside I’m falling to pieces. I’m not coping with this and could use some words of wisdom.
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Hi there. I haven’t been diagnosed but have been referred and have a few questions regarding the diagnostic process for head and neck cancers. My GP has referred me to a private ENT as she feels I need to be seen quickly and the public system will take too long. Sh...Read More
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I lost my beloved Mum on May 14th 2020 to stage 4 Glioblastoma.  We got told about the tumor September 25th 2019 and then two weeks later we were told how serious it was. Despite surgery, chemo and radiation she lost her fight with this hideous disease. It is still...Read More
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