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New to these forums, my name is Cary, I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in july of last year, soon after having an unsuccessful whipples.After many ERCP the doctor thought veins and arteries would be clear, they were not, so he had to close me back up. After h...Read More
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Hi, I have been having chemo and radiation treatment for head/neck cancer.  I had my final chemo yesterday and next week is my 7th and final week of radiation.  Yay!  Then I gather there is a 3 month wait for another scan to see if it worked... Meantime, as I work ...Read More
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Does anyone else have or had adenoid cystic carcinoma?
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Hi Guys/Gals I recently moved from South Africa to Australia on a work-visa (DEC2020) and was only recently (early MAY2021) diagnosed with Melanoma (Breslow 2.3mm and Clark IV on my back from excised biopsy). It's been a emotional few days since the pathology resul...Read More
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Hi, I had a tumor removed from my neck along with a salivary gland in Feb this year. Tomorrow I finish 33 treatments of radiotherapy which was done to kill any leftover cells and hopefully reduce the risk of it returning because this type usually returns on 5 years...Read More
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