Depression post cancer

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Re: Depression post cancer

Hi Colin,

Thankyou so much for sharing your story.  It brought tears to my eyes to know that I am "Normal".  My feelings and fears are part of my life, I am not alone, others like yourself have been 'there'!  

A story that has brought so much positivity into my life.  Yes, we have been through it all,  we can't be hurt anymore.  We are survivors!  Who needs a counselor, when I have such a wonderful community of friends in this discussion group in Cancer Australia.  

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Re: Depression post cancer

my family has been my greatest motivation to keep going also. I now also acknowledge a major list of other things in my life (past and present) that I am constantly grateful for. Helps me greatly
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Re: Depression post cancer

Hi Everybody!

   I am curious if anyone has tried making changes on your diet as a means to fighting depression. 

    Going at it simply-like eating a certain type of green, cutting out this or that dairyb etc. For a week or two and checking how it affects both the body and the mind.

  There's plenty of info (and disinformation) in the internet...and as individuals, what works for some may not apply to others but I have found that certain food items can have a strong enough effect on my mental outlook .

   Cheers, Joe

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Re: Depression post cancer

Hi Rick...

   I did consider trying the blog thing but, after insurance running out and my deciding to pretty much let things take their course...I found that I had no way of knowing whether the new problems arising by the 6th month were chemo/Rad related or the cancer returning.

   My neck and face became pretty swollen, and somewhat disfigured and once again swallowing and eating was becoming problematic.  I pretty much decided to let it take its course and check out when eating became too painful to try.

    A couple of weeks ago a friend asked me to google fenbendazole and Joe Tippens.  Research on Fenvendazole lead me to trying this.   I'm on Day 4, and can only report that my ability to move my neck vertically and laterally has suddenly dramatically improved.  My appettite has also improved, though my ability to swallow and the accompanying pain are still the same.

   I will be happy to share the specifics of my findings on a personal basis as I journey through this 3 month experiment if asked.  My email is

   The reason why I hesitate to post a blog on this group is...I have no clue where this experiment will lead and none of us here need false hope.

   The research on Fenbendazole looks pretty convincing, however, and I was sinking with no help in sight...

    I will certainly share everything I document for the asking!

   Cheers, Joe Aristy

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