Had cancer, got no friends.

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Re: Had cancer, got no friends.

It sounds like you developed a lot of bitterness about your friends and family.  I'm not sure if this is you, but did you withold your cancer diagnosis from others; not wanting to talk about it with them?  Did anyone offer to help you and you didn't want their help?  When I tried to help a friend of mine who got cancer, she didn't want my help or to talk about it with me and she didn't tell me she had cancer even though I knew and tried to be there for her.   SHE pushed me away whether she realized it or not, perhaps because she didn't want me to see her in that condition.  


I would say, instead of giving up on these friends and family, try to see things from their point of view.  Some people don't have courage or experience to be able to handle the thought of their friend having cancer.  It is scary and there are a lot of emotions involved.  Someone who is emotionally weak can't handle it.  I believe in God and the resurrection, so I don't fear death, but a lot of people don't believe in that, so there isn't really a hope there that they'll see their loved one again.  So they get scared and run, not wanting to deal with the emotions involved.  It's good you realized that material things and superficial relationships aren't important.  Material things have no value and if there are friends focused on that, perhaps they haven't learned that love and thoughfulness are the most important.  Perhaps you can set the example for them now that you've come to that realization yourself.  

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