Looking good....and so am I.

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Looking good....and so am I.

Greetings all! 


Just a hurried line to say how impressed I am with the new site. It navigates well and moves nicely -- hoping you're all the same. 


I intend to post more later but for now just a cheery hello and a warm wave. 


As a ps -- re my prostate cancer, after the 36 radiation treatments all appears well. They don't need to see me for another 6 months.  Happy daze are here again. 


Best to YOU,




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Re: Looking good....and so am I.

Hello George,


Great to see you have made it across here safely and thank you for your kind words, it is rather spiffy isn't it? Smiley Very Happy


I am glad your treatment has gone well, we'd definitely love to see you around these parts more often @lawman!




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Re: Looking good....and so am I.



Best to all,




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