Five weeks ago I decided to buy my Mum's Optician a bottle of wine. He had noticed my Mum was anaemic and suggested she see her Doctor. I thought a nice red was in order for going the extra mile. Subsequent tests revealed the anaemia originated from a tumor in Mum's stomach. More tests again identified a stomach cancer. So that nice bottle of red has been upgraded to a case of nice Reds. I am hoping he has saved her life.
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Hi Rabbit, Sometimes people can make comments that end up saving lives. And they deserve a bottle of wine or 12! Mine was taking my daughter (who was 3 at the time) to the doctor, our GP turned to me and said "what's that lump?" she found my thyroid cancer and that it had spread and in turn she saved my life. I have now been "cancer clear" for 14 years! I bought my GP the biggest flower arrangement that the florist could do. (I didn't think of wine) I hope that all goes well with your mum. Katie
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Thanks for your thoughts, Katie. What a lucky trip to the doctor you had.
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