I'm going to write about my journey as a now SBW (Single Breasted Woman).
I think it is good therapy. It is coming up to 6 years now so I think it is time I got it off my chest so to speak. Anyone else game enough to do the same? It is really about the journey now..

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It is indeed good therapy @sandycee! Welcome to the Community Smiley Very Happy


We look forward to hearing more about your journey in the coming weeks!

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Kudos @sandycee for your courage, strength and leadership to help others through your inspiration and sharing.

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Hi  Sandy, I think that is a wonderful way to ‘get it off your chest, it is great therapy. When I wrote a lot of my poetry is just came to me in times of sadness and stress, so you go for it, tell us your story your journey it will help others to read and feel what you have gone through, and how you feel now, Stay strong and just do it 🙂

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