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Thank you to the Cancer Council for making this forum available for survivors to express themselves and talk about their journey, which while are all individual are somewhat the same.


When I was first diagnosed I went through the range of emotions that you would expect: anger, desperation, fear, self pity, concern for my loved ones, horror and self denial.


Asking the usual questions , why me, why now, what can I do, how long, what was the cause? Searching for the answers and not really finding any.


Being an active and I believed healthy person it hit me hard, left me breathless. After surgery I just had to slow down and go through the recovery phase, difficult for all and certainly played with my emotions.


I couldnt run, swim or box, my lifetime strategy for releasing anger and frustration, I had to look elsewhere for that release. My solution was to put to pen my thoughts, express my inner most fears and the like.


While I didnt intend on sharing these thoughts I have enjoyed the process of sharing a few on here, we are not alone, we have support, we have a bond and we are on a journey together yet alone.


There is nothing wrong with baring our souls, some ofmy pieces are very dark others more lifting depending on where I was at the time with my recovery, remembering that we are but human and hopefully our thoughts can assist others as they too journey through this mine field of emotions.


I dont claim to be anything other then a simple man embracing my illness and battling forward, hanging in there looking for each new morning to rise.


Happy to talk with others.


Regards Steve







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You're very welcome @Steven, our team has been enjoying your posts Smiley Happy

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Thank you , I am glad that you are enjoying the posts

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