Poll: who likes hearing 'stay positive'?

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Poll: who likes hearing 'stay positive'?

I know why people say it, and I know why I get annoyed by it. But maybe the phrases 'stay positive' and 'I hope you're staying positive' are good for us to hear even though we don't like hearing them...



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Re: Poll: who likes hearing 'stay positive'?

It can be hard to stay positive but I do like hearing it and it helps me to hear people say your a strong person. Keep that positive energy flowing. I find the beach a great place to feel refreshed.
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Re: Poll: who likes hearing 'stay positive'?

True! Hearing positive things makes us a bit happy within..Being happy help us to see life at a different perspective and help us survive...We can't really get away with difficulty and pain, but at least being positive make us fulfilled somehow...

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Re: Poll: who likes hearing 'stay positive'?

I agree entirely Braveb.

We all need to be reminded how beneficial staying positive is for us, in continuing our treatment and recovery from Cancer.

Positive thoughts and deeds are empowering not just for us but for our support teams, our loved ones.

While it is our journey they are there with us and by staying positive we can draw strength from each other to lessen the load.





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