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When I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer I was unemployed for 2 years and on the tail end of 3 months of Hernia operations which stopped me from being able to pick up anything heavier than a shoe.  Prostate cancer treatment was 600kms left of where I live so had to spend sometime in accomodation there of around 5 months and I had trouble with the treatment affecting my bowel movements to the point where I could not travel anywhere without knowing where the closest toilet was located.


Centrelink was of no help.  I tried 5 times to get financial assistance to pay my bills and each time I failed.  Centrelink even informed me that I could work 15 hours a week.  Thought I was an only case but last week have found out another cancer paitient was in the same boat as Centrelink would not give him any assistance either.


Do not rely on Centrelink for any help



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