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How have you coped with returning to work after cancer and the treatment side effects? Share your experiences of getting back to work, and what to say to colleagues.
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Letting you know that our next Work and Cancer webinar:  "How do I manage difficult conversations at work?" will be held on Thursday 30 March 2017 at 7pm for an hour.   You must pre-register:   Backgrou...Read More
By Gab_CCNSW 1 reply 967 views
Hello It has been 4 months since I finished my chemotherapy for chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. I am a teacher and have not yet returned to work but will likely begin in April. I am wondering how others did with energy and fighting infections after returning to wor...Read More
By twinkletoeswils 3 replies 4,084 views
Hi everyone, We are getting an increasing amount of calls for people wanting to talk through returning to work, often wanting to change direction in their career or simply not knowing how to talk to people when they go back. Keen to hear stories which involve wo...Read More
By anniem_cancerco 17 replies 5,866 views
Has cancer changed your work life? Join our new series of (free) interactive Webinars. How will returning to work affect me? Thursday 10 April 2014 – 7:00 – 8:00pm AEDT In this webinar, practical and emotional issues commonly experienced when returning to wor...Read More
By Jill_CCNSW 4 replies 3,774 views
Hi there I am new to this. I have survived my treatment for cervical cancer, finished on 31st January. I am recovering and thinking of returning to work. I also spend time wondering "why?"... Maggie
By Maggie_HE 8 replies 2,339 views
I have decided that tomorrow I will go to work without my wig. The people who I work with did not know I had cancer. Has anyone got any words of advice for me?
By Rachel_C 4 replies 1,701 views
Hi everybody, I returned to work in February 2011 after having a stem cell transplant in October 2010. I was wondering what other people's experiences were in returning to work? Thanks, Rachel
By Rachel_C 7 replies 3,048 views
Hello, I have had a tough year with my diagnosis, surgeries and dealing with my employer. The latter has at times been very difficult. I am starting a new job next year. Can anyone tell me how to bring it up with my employer in a win win manner. I have an occoupat...Read More
By 4 replies 2,736 views
I only found out about this forum from a cancer council lady at a recent Relay for Life event and thought I'd post to try it out. This post is for anyone who wants to share their experiences about returning to work after cancer.  I hope you can post your experience...Read More
By pinkeye 15 replies 4,319 views
I returned to work in January this year and and am finding it very difficult to relate to people. My job is not my life and I have no interest in office politics or drama. How do I explain to someone that finding the photocopier needs to be restocked with paper is ...Read More
By MissRen 15 replies 2,885 views
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