Occasional Contributor

My fading sight still see's so vivid, crisp and clear

Remembering the beauty and magic of years long past.

Bringing fond memories of sight, sense and sound.

The smell of a rose, the sting of the thorn.

The sound of a rippling stream over rocks cool and embracing.

My first kiss, my first love,

Happy times and the sad.

Our first embrace that feeling of happiness and joy.

Clouds in the sky, long sunsets and radiant dawns.

The colours, the quietness and the clashing noise,

Waves on the shore, birds in song, wind through the trees.

Even as the shadows emerge our mind can still recall,

The birth of a child, the feel of their hand grabbing your finger, that special smell.

That first cry, word, step and fall.

The memories of life vivid, crisp and clear.



November 2012