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Hi Marjorie, firstly a huge welcome to our group.

A very good question indeed and one which I too have asked and continue too ask.as I continue on my journey as I call it.

After my episodes with Malignant Solitary Fibrous Tumours, I have not been able to find an answer, I think maybe I have a purpose to fulfil which as yet is undefined and yet to be clearly revealed. 

Keep asking your questions Marjorie, look for reasons and in the meantime enjoy each and every moment you have been given as each one is precious.

For me it is time I get to spend with loved ones, my friends, gardening, writing, exploring places I haven’t seen, revisiting my childhood favourite places, rekindling old friendships building new ones, there is just so much to see and do. I have been giving this time and I am using it as best I can.

You are not alone.

Warm regards Steven