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Hi Margorie, I have often thought of the WHY, I was diagnosed with stage 3c Ovarian Cancer 5:5 years ago, I have been given the green all clear light, like you I had  become friends with many of the women fighting this cancer and over the years slowly hearing the numbers dwindling., they were all gorgeous souls,may they Rest In Peace. I don’t know why I’m still here, like you and others but I haven’t wasted that time. I do a lot of voluntary work one is talking to other women going through OC helping alleviate their fears and just being there, I also joined our local SES which has so many avenues open, I now work part time doing my husbands book etc, I’m quite content to stay in my beautiful tranquil home, garden, play & walk my very active pup together with and all the other duties that go with running a home. We now travel a bit more, I am thankful everyday I’m still here, at time my body aches from the effects left by the chemo, but I can live with that, I remember an old saying about WHY “because it’s a crooked letter and can’t be straightened” . One thing I have learnt is to be kind to yourself . Do what you can do, tomorrow is another adventure. 

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May first post, I'm nervous.

'Why? Why did I get cancer? Why have I survived. (So far). Is it because there are more things I need to do? Why me, why did I survive (Merkal skin Cancer) when my neighbour died from the same cancer? She was a beautiful soul. I ask the Universe these questions frequently. Maybe the answer will come one day, maybe not. I will keep searching. Thankyou for reading, Marjorie.