My mother has recently been diagnosed with bowel cancer and has just had her second round of chemo in tablet form. I have been caring for her and I am finding it impossible to get her to eat anything at all. She just curls up in a ball and says she can't. My sister and I have tried cajoling, bullying and pleading but nothing seems to work. I even had to call the paramedics to get her to drink fluids. I am really feeling that it's all spinning out of control. Does anyone have any ideas? thanks xx
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Hi medwards Very sorry to hear of your mother's diagnosis. Do you think your mother might benefit from some counselling? It must be terribly hard on you and your sister trying to get your mum to eat and drink and you may need bit of extra help. You could contact her cancer nurse or doctor and see what they might suggest. Julie
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hey there my bf has bowel cancer and when he first got diagnosed i think it was more emotional for him and that put him off his food.. i think eating is the last thing you think about when u first get told u have cancer.. give it some time im sure she'l come round 🙂 it does get easier with time, more accepting of whats happening etc.. best of luck xo
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Thanks for your advice.
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