It amazes me how much comfort I draw from these pages. Just knowing that I am not alone in this journey is more important to me than the information I also gain. Everybody's experience of cancer is unique but the challenges somehow unite. Cancer invades life, in the same way that its cells invade tissue. It weaves its way around every close relationship. Mum's cancer is now throughout the CSF, and in her most recent hospital visit we were confronted with an admission that placed her in the palliative ward. She was there for two and half weeks as they struggled to balance medication that would control her seizures. My Mum. The one who was still receiving radiation with optimism and trust. I flick to this site often, grasping onto it like a young child might grasp a soft toy. I am sad that there are so many stories of pain and heartache, but I am inspired by the resilience, courage and celebration of life that I find in so many of these stories. They remind me that life is for living and for loving, for filling our relationships with others with joy and gratitude. Each and every day of life is a gift. Each and every day of life with my Mum is an extra special one.
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