Dr Centrelink says I failed the 20 points necessary for them to pay me a Disability Allowance and I can work 15 hours a week. Wow nice of Dr Centrelink to tell me that and its only taken him/her 8 months to decide that. Never mind that I am in hospital 600 kms from home and this is the 4th hospital in 8 months little time to spend working as health comes first. Hard enough at 61 years young and over qualified to even get an interview. Been unemployed for close to 2 years and not a red cent has Centrelink paid me. At times I am lost for words to describe the infernal frustration with those blithering uneducated idiots who work (that is questionable) for that Government Department who have the lives of so many in their hands. Swearing does not help but .... So day 27 and 10 treatments to go, Bowel and Urinary Tract are better behaved these last 9 days now. So I guess I just go through the motions and get on with life in May.
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So sorry that centre stink won't pay you but you do need to keep applying for the payments this is what has happened with my son he has epilepsy he was refused payment but has re- applied again that's now twice. Hope you get the deserved payments and less stress for you as well. Kim
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Hello Kim Have a hug from me as I think you need one more than I do. I have given up on Centrelink ever giving me anything even a low income support card seems beyond my reach and I would have liked to have one plus a certificate of income from them too during my stay in Perth these 2 months. But the 20 point system is there for a reason and from the outside I look as healthy as anyone else walking down the streets of Perth. So apart from going through bouts of depression I have to ask myself why bother putting myself through this stress again just get well and worry about a job when I get back home, or leave WA and go play farmer in NSW instead.
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Just been through this same ordeal with my husband. I contacted Welfare Rights and they emailed me the tables how to qualify for DSP with 20points. Gave the information to the doctor who wrote yet another letter of medical support and finally was accepted. Good Luck
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