I am new to this, but am hoping sharing my story will help me through this a little bit... My partner is 25yrs old... In 07 he was diagnose with grade 2 astrocytoma, he had surgery and the full course of radiation... It was such a shock to learn that your 20yr old bf had a cancer Of this sort, I remember it all like it was yesterday yet at the same time the things the drs said seem like a blur. After that first surgery Rob lost a little part of himself, his tumor was in the left frontal lobe, and his memory started toget affected along with his mood swings. Everything seemed fine after this, we had a baby girl who is now 3 and the whole experience definately made us both grow up alot quicker then any other 20yr old. Last year in Sept the tumor was back, and now a grade 3, he had surgery again and then started a 6mth course of chemo... He lost a bit of himself again after This one. After the chemo finished we went back for an MRI in march this year - the chemo didn't work, the tumor had grown again and was spread more Rapidly... Another surgery left Rob so out of sorts, he just wasn't the same anymore... They offered him radiation again, but he decided against This, he didn't want to spend weeks being sick hen he could spend that Time Home with us. It's been 4/5mths since the last surgery and I can see Rob slowly deteriorating. It breaks my heart to watch someone so full of Life and so young to barely e able to have a conversation. Our daughter tries to talk to him ad play with him, but he just seems uninterested. He has started gettin headaches, and a little more sleepy... He has days where he will eat and days here he won't and days where he just throws up. Everyone around me tells me how strong I am. But I'm struggling to figure out how I tell our daughter this coming to an end... I feel like its getting close now, but then I'm No doctor, I could be wrong... What other signs do i look out for?
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