Coming out the otherwise of teatment is a hard time filled with confusion, frustration, extreme emotions, reflection and sometimes just plain chaos...... We cannot label our emotions and filter out thoughts to make sense. Sense in itself is lacking and we reflect and dissect to make it understandable when sometimes we cannot. Since treatment has finished I have lost a very dear friend (over 10yrs we have been mates and now seems we r strangers), been pushed back into full time work (choice was to return full time or my position would be advertised), my husband health has been very poor and he has recently had a heart attack, our cat went missing and still is (we r both very sad), ive found myself completely lacking energy, people now assume I'm better and r expecting way too much from me (only finished chemo 5mths ago). So I keep trying to work out what all this means, what life lessons are to be learnt from this, why some people cruise through life without consequences??? I've recently decided to attend some counselling however due to full time work I arranged some phone counselling - both appts were not kept by the counsellor..... I am pretty disappointed by that especially since I am a full time counsellor myself and know that not keeping appt is very poor practice. Ah well I'm sure there's some good reason why.. . Sometimes all we can do is sigh and hope tomorrow is a better day.
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