For now I will gaze at the sun draping itself over my deck, For now I will listen to the kookaburras in the trees behind me, For now I will relish the fragrance of my favourite rose, For now I will listen for the frogs in my new pond, For now I will wait for my daughter's hug when she comes in, For now I will spoil her daughter when she says "please Mima" For now I will lose myself in a good book, For now I will "do lunch" with my friend when she's free, For now I will just BE May tomorow never come, For then, I will rest...
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Absolutely wonderful! I love the expression 'the sun draping itself over my deck'.
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Just beautiful! Thank you.
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Vinouche, your words are beautiful. The simple things in life are the most wondrous. Reindeer xx
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Hi Beautiful's true ...we only have this moment .....and I too often just sit and enjoy the sun or the birds. Take care....Willow xo
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