Relieved and blessed the operation is over and done with. And bleesed to have at my disposal as an Australian to have the finest doctors, surgeons and hospitals in the world far as I'm concerned.  Operation went well. I will be speaking with surgeon today before im released. Things are never what  they seem in your head. I'm the biggest scaredy cat...i just wanted to let people know  it's never as bad as you think. I'm proud of myself . As you should also be of yourself ...we can do this!.

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Well done @Bowie70!!


I am so glad your operation went well, and I do hope your recovery goes smoothly.


You've got this!!! 😎

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Thank you so much katekat! 😊so far my recovery is going very well. I'd love to give my cut a real good itch at the moment. I have a phone appointment on Tuesday with my results.  This site has meant a lot to me through this ordeal. I don't feel so alone  or as scared. It's my safe place.  


I've  got this!!! 😉😎

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Its good to read you are recovering from surgery,fingers crossed for your results, keep up good work.

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Thank you so much Kj  😊your encouragement and kind words mean a lot to me. 

I'm feeling positive and strong whatever my future awaits me on Tuesday. 😎

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Agreed 100%.

All Doctors and nursing staff at SCGH in Perth were truly wonderful to my husband before and after Whipple.  

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