Hi there all, just an update to let you all know I am doing ok 🙂 Getting chemo now, doing the carboplatin and gemcitabyne. Sitting at the hospital is the most boring part. I take my laptop and me and my fiance watch a movie together on it with dual headphones 🙂 I also make a picnic lunch so we dont have to eat that dreadful hospital food although last week they did have chocolate cake. Last week we got turned away from chemo cos my platelet count was too low, so rest for a week and then come back. Have also been busy getting two houses ready to go up for sale so that we can buy a place of our own together. Yay! Never been so busy or got so much done in all of my life. I do hate what its doing to my body though. Yesterday I was doing the simple task of cleaning a few things out of the garage and ran out of breath and just wanted to collapse in a heap. The day before I went to church and couldnt sit down because my legs hurt so bad. It got so bad I was in tears but went out to the car and took one of my pills and was right again soon enough. This treatment better work I am so not giving up have so much to live for and so much to look forward to!
Brilliant stuff John!!!!
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Hey John - love that you're getting things done, even if you do get the odd hiccup re pain etc! Isn't it the way... I did the same when I was having chemo - cleaned out every last cupboard and dark corner that hadn't been touched for years. And had to just grit my teeth on the days when I couldn't get up the stairs because my body was so fatigued and sore. Hang in there! Good luck with the house sales, and hope you and your fiance find the right place for your life together. Enjoy! Zen. 🙂
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You seem to be doing ok for now . Lots to look forward to after chemo. Best of luck with your house selling and buying.
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I watched the entire DVD collection of The Wire early this year. Filled up weeks and weeks of chair time. I'm watching Mad Men now, and might get out The West Wing after that. Chemo brain demands that I have good entertainment available at all times. H
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Hang in there and stay positive. I keep hearing from my specialists that having a positive nature is a good step in the right direction.
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My daughter watched The Mighty Boosh when she was recovering at home from her chemo etc.Anything to take the mind off what is happening is good.
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