On Thursday 12th and Friday 13th March I attended this forum in Port Macquarie.This forum was an opportunity to listen to keynote speaker, Professor Philip Hogg, who works for the University of NSW and is currently involved in developing an anti-angiogenic drug which prevents a blood supply from getting to the blood vessels which allow cancer cells to grow and spread. One of the evening speakers was Petrea King who founded the Quest for Life Foundation. Petrea spoke about the qualities that she has discovered are present in those patients who successfully deal with their cancer. She spoke of the need to find our own healing path. The people who survive live a changed life. The following day the Prostate Cancer facilitators were involved in workshops relating to the role of facilitators, with Petrea King whilst other delegates attended sessions on Advocacy ( Connecting communities), Events (Fundraising), Cancer networks and Cancer Services( an overview of information and support services ).
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Hi Morris, Thanks for sharing your experiences of the Connecting Communities Forum. I've heard people say that Petrea King's workshops have had a huge impact on them. What did you think? Did you take anything in particular away for your own cancer journey? Louisa
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Hi Morris2428 I admire your ability to give such a succinct overview of the Forum and to share your experience. Particularly the take home message from the cancer support group leaders workshop with Petrea. I'd like to also thank you for following through (by phone) with the suggestion that Cancer Council look at providing a letter of support for CSG's to give their GP's. The intent being that GP's will feel more confident to refer to CSG's. Of course there are issues to clarify for Cancer Council to put their branding out there. Yet our (CC) position is to enhance the capacity of support groups and support the leaders.I have a meeting booked with my manager this afternoon to discuss how best this might look. I hope to have something to you after easter for your feedback.
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Hi Morris What are the qualities Petrea King considers important? I'll do a search for her website as I've heard of her work before and was interested to see you mention her. I went to a one-day seminar about Advanced Cancer in August. It was good to meet other carers and hear the range of different experiences, while people with cancer met in a separate group. There were speakers on several helpful topics too. No matter how much I've searched online information, real people speaking seem better, partly because of the chance to interact with them. Thanks and good wishes Louise E
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