My dentist didn’t like a lump that had appeared inside my mouth on my cheek,in month since my last visit. With in a week I had been to two specialists, neither could say or knew what it was. The last specialist said it doesn’t matter if it is good or bad either way it needs to come out. Day surgery book for what was classed “clinical history submucosal tumour right oral cavity”. The histology came back as a mucoepidermoid carcinoma intermediate grade. This result was given to me on the 22/12/2016. I had my operation on  Saturday 21 January 2017 operations were  :Right Intra-Oral Resection, Right Neck Dissection, Left Radical Forearm Flap, Tracheostomy, Right Marginal Mandibulectomy, Skin Graft.

I spent 8 days in icu, thenstarted radiatation in April for 7 weeks. Radiation is the gift that keeps on giving, my neck continued to burn for several weeks after the completion of the treatment. I have an amazing friend who made me organic beef bone broth which I lived on for three months every day all day, I never lost a kilo, and I put it down to her broth.

i am coming up to my cancers anniversary, what a 12 mi this it has been. 

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