My mum was diagnosed with cancer yesterday and I'm trying to hold it together for her sake.I live in the country and have only been here a few months-no friends,no support and I feel isolated and vulnerable.I suffer from depression and can feel myself spiralling downwards.She is starting radiation next year-this whole thing just seems so alien.I am going up next week to stay with her over Christmas and have decided I will need to move back up to her area to support her in the New Year.I am estranged from my siblings and don't know how I am going to cope.Im scared and alone and need to put on a brave face for mum but I'm crumbling inside.What can I do and say to help support her when she tells me about her cancer next week?She wants me to get the doctor to explain it all to me when she goes in to get her stitches out when I come up.

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