My wife Barbara is now six months after a Whipple, amazing how your personal life changes and as a carer I am always alert to those changers.


Barbara is travelling well, steady progress and just last week Barbara played her first game of golf, yes 18 holes competition. Barbara is so strong in her attitude to return to what we considered normal before the problem started and at this time she is almost there, a great recovery. Food digestion is an ongoing problem but with careful trial and adjustment we are winning the battle. One fact that may be important to some is that Barbara loved a salad meal and we found that lettuce can be a big problem, if ate to what was once called normal, so watch out for the lettuce upset.


May we wish all you lovely people a wonderful Christmas, a Christmas that you want, may you enjoy the pleasures of just being there. love from nifty. Smiley Very Happy

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