After over 2 years of different types of chemo for pancreatic cancer I am now trying to decide whether to go ahead with the 5th different type of treatment a concoction of Fluorouracil and Oxaliplatin not a cure just hope for slowing things down a little odds are not good which I have accepted for the future but was wondering if (even though I know we all can react differently) what this treatment is like from a patients point of view Have been told the most likely but am wondering if it will be worth it any help suggestions would be appreciated Regards Barbara
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Hello Barbkeith, I am on a Clinical Trial PAN1 and patients are randomised by computer as to whether they will receive FOLFOX or Gemcetebine and for better or worse I was allocated to Gemcetebine. So I am unable to give you any information about experienced side effects though from reading material it seems as though FOLFOX is harder to tolerate than Gemcetebine. I was interested to read that you were diagnosed 2 years ago as much of what I have been told led me to believe that my prognosis was months not years. To date I have had a stent inserted but otherwise have little or no symptoms of Pancreatic cancer (and mine hss metastasised to the liver. Like you I know that this cancer can't be cured but I am hoping for a bit more time. Best wishes to you aisiebarb
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Hi aisiebarb, sorry it has taken me so long to respond all because I keep messing up my password call it chemo fuzz. Thanks for your reply I did two rounds of Gemza plus others and now on 5fu( Abbreviated) and oxyplatin I hope spelling is near enough. The first two rounds were not good but they have reduced it and have been given stronger meds for home which has made a lot of difference Like yourself have not had any major problems surgery went well and found the Gemza quite tolerable.I also have the problem in the liver and that is where the the big concern is as the pancreas seems to be clear,Yes I have had a good run if that's what we can call it but was told this week this treatment will only be a matter of time before it is not working without it I may have 3/4 months who knows . I do hope you are still feeling ok and chemo is not affecting you too much love to hear from you regards Barbara
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