Diagnosed with bladder and kidney cancer 2wks. ago surgery on Tuesday several tumors on my bladder part of rt kidney blocked feel really alone even I have family & friends.


Reality is really hitting me today!

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DiDiagnosed with bladder and kidney cancer two weeks ago and really scared even though I have family and friends I feel really alone reality he’s starting to hit me today surgery scheduled on Tuesday, August 4

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I'm scared too.  I would wish your fear away if I could.  Brush it away like a butterfly but I can't.  Maybe we can do it together.  At least a little.

I hide my emotions from my wife and sister.  My wife has had enough with the death of our only child several years ago.  I can't with my best friend because he too has  died from Cancer.  I am the godfather to his daughter and talking to her helps but still I don't let her in.

I pray you have that someone you can talk to.  A dear friend, spouse or even me and others on this site.

I have my faith, and that helps.  I hope you do as well but regardless you have to vent.

Yell, scream at the top of your lungs you can even be mad at God (He's heard it all) just do anything that will let off some of the steam.

I have cancer that cost me my right lung.  It will catch me but that don't mean I'm not running hard.  You run too.  Find the light in the darken room.  Remember you are loved and do whatever it takes to make you feel better. 

Prayers to you


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