Just complete 4th treatment of 12 treatment cycle. CA 19-9 result is 9600 😞 Was 1200 at diagnosis (mid Nov), 2062 at post op check up (mid Jan) and 6050 2 weeks ago (10 March) 😞 Not sure what is going on but as the tumour was inoperative and has metastisized... does this mean the chemo is having no effect? Two gastric bypasses performed instead of a Whipple. Husband coping with chemo pretty well and as we are keeping a diary it helps to know what is ahead over the 2 weeks. Nilstat is keeping oral thrush/white tongue under control but tooth splinters from an extracted tooth before chemo commenced is causing problems. Thought it was an ulcer but the splinters keeping popping through the gum! The other major problem is foul farting! "chemo farts" about 7/8 days into the cycle and lasting about 3-4 days with quite severe stomach cramps at times. No other pain really. Weight is very stable. Fatigue usually happens 5/6 days into cycle and lasts about 4 days.Can be good, bad or just plain ugly!
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