My husband was diagnosied in mid November with small bowel/duodenal cancer (poorly differentiated) which has infiltrated into head of pancreas also. Whipple was to be undertaken 9 Dec but laparoscope revealed metastises to retroperiteneal tissue and a couple of spots to outside of stomach lining so 2 gastric bypasses performed as palliative treatment. Now on 2nd cycle of chemo (of 12 planned). Oxaliplatin/Leucovorin by IV and then Fluorouracil for 2 days by pump at home. We both have a very deep Christian faith in the Lord Jesus Christ which gives us great comfort but of course we experience all the highs and lows that go with this disease. As carer for my husband who I love dearly I would really appreciate any advice/suggestions for dealing with the effects of chemo - especially mouth ulcers and mouth sensitivity.. I am thankful for forums like this where people share their experiences and encouragement 🙂
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Hi joybell16. My husband had a terrible time with mouth ulcers so much so at one time he couldn't eat. The thing that cleared it up in just a few days was Nilstat drops from the chemist. It's worth a try. I hope it works for him. Sending best wishes your way. Regards Gail
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Hi Gail Trying the Nilstat almost continually.... Soft foods and porridge!!
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