Hello there, my name is Gregory, 40 years young, and living and surviving stage 4 colorectal cancer, that started ts journey from my bowel, then it evaded border checks to end up in my liver, then crossed over into my lungs. I was diagnosed September 19, 2014 and have had the endless rounds of chemo and on July 1, 2015, had a bowel and liver ressection. They took out a vast amount of liver and i also have a colostomy bag too. Yay! I found since post surgery to be the most trying time in my life. The physical pain and subsequent complications such as a blood clot in my lung and being allergic to blood thinning medication tested my complete mental strength and for a while there i was in a hellhole that i was sure i could not escape from. Time has a strange way of either working with you and/or against you. While it is true that time is healing slowly my physical trauma the same cannot be said about the time i have left on this wonderful Earth. While i have strength in my body and coming to terms with my bodily transformation, coupled with wanting to keep the mind active and distracted, i am looking for people who are interested in forming a committee or Think Tank where we can come up with some great/quirky charitable events or social events that showcases the true grit we possess as survivors. This is all new to me and i am not sure where this will lead, but i feel it is imperative and of the utmost importance to keep moving, to keep active and to be surrounded by like minded people who truly understand the journey we are on. I have a blog on wordpress called terminaltimes if you want to get an insight into my character and journey thus far. I live in the south of Sydney if that is any help when it comes to forming group. Cheers Gregory https://terminaltimes.wordpress.com/
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