Wow! I have just had my planning for Radiotherapy. I forgot how much treatment can consume your life. This is my second round of radiotherapy in two years. Last time I was lucky enough to have it at my local hospital. I have since moved and am required to have treatment away from home. I have organised accommodation through Can Assist as I feel that this would be beneficial for me emotionally. It is definitely a daunting prospect though. Sharing a room, a bathroom and basically everything, with people I don't know. I usually suffer from social anxiety so this will be a big thing. Add to that that I am there to receive treatment for cancer and I am scared that I'll end up a blubbering mess. I do definitely feel that although this is very scary and out of my comfort zone, this type of accommodation should be the best for me. I could only imagine staying in a motel! I would be lucky to leave the room for anything apart from treatment and would spend the time being depressed and avoiding the world outside the door. Basically I am terrified. Not so much of the treatment but of being all alone, yet surrounded by people I have never met! I'll just need to keep telling myself that we're all in similar situations, take a deep breath and search for the courage that I know deep down inside I do have. I have shown it at many times over the past two years. I just need to dig it out again!
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