Here's the thing.... the RNS gave us pathology forms PALMS. They also told us it is better not to do the blood tests on the same day as the chemo. There is no PALMS in the Blacktown area, so I rang my GP and arrange an appointment after much stuffing around. They didn't want to do it for legal reasons I don't begin to understand. He isn't my mums GP. So today I take my very frail mum to the local GP. He doesn't do the tests but sets up home collection. All good except she has chemo on Monday and I said "oh so they'll come today" and he said "or tomorrow" which is Saturday. So it gets to 4pm today, and I think... hmmm might just ring up the new pathology place and check (head office where the DR sent the faxes). "No sorry we don't do home visits on Saturday and I can't see you on the list for Monday." AAArrrrggghhhhhh!!!!! I tell the girl why this is a problem, re the chemo on monday,and the fact the GP wouldn't do it, and she says that the legal issue that the GP brought up doesn't exist any more due to legislation passed last year. I could scream, again. So I ring the local MEDILAB to double check they are open tomorrow and yes they are, but no close parking. I am now worried that we'll get there and they won't do it, and I'll have dragged my poor mum around for nothing. I decide that perhaps we should just drive to the closest PALMs which is RYDE HOSPITAL. So I ring and make sure they are open and can do it. All ok... no problem. Except that I have to drive to Eastwood. I'm so cranky with my GP, I rang to give them the "news" and a piece of my mind, but luckily the receptionist I'd been dealing with was gone for the day so I just said ok and hung up. Probably better in the long run. I don't need this &*%t... Why is it so hard........
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It is hard, isn't it. I don't hnow why. is because they are only seeing the things that are within the relevant compartment (the bit that is cancerous and has to be fixed). On the oither hand, you are seeing the whole person that your mum is (and who you are as the carer with a life, too). I find I have to manage the health professionals a bit because I am the only one who has all the information about me. If you said to the GP "Sorry, we can't get to a PALMS, can you give us an order for a more local pathology service?" you might have an easier time. In fact, my understanding is that they are not allowed to limit your choice of service. The GP should have forms for lots of pathology services on his desk. I think you could take that approach. H
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H Thanks....I am learning slowly that I am going to have to ask lots more questions. I ended up taking my mum to Ryde Hospital this morning as that is where there is a Palms and seeing I know that Hospital, parking etc. It just seemed like the easiest option in the end. It has all happen so fast, I think I'm still in a bit of a haze. Thanks for the advise. Buckets
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The managing of all the "bits " can be really daunting. I have managaed over the time to organise myself and go to the most appropriate spot. I travel further for my CTs but at St George they are organised and efficient and they have all of my records on hand. I have my bloods done locally (south of Sydney) but ensure that they are done in time to be sent to the relevent doctor. I agree with Harker, that ask for a referral to somewhere that is handy. Parking is so important especially when your mum is elderly and unwell. Always ask questions - it is all new to you and that is what the professionals are there for. Samex
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