So after 6 weeks of scans and tests, in a matter of 10 minutes on Tuesday I was told that surgery was not an option and my Pancreatic had spread to lymph nodes and liver. I also have a growth on my kidney, not related to the Pancreas.


I sat there and nodded, 12 month maybe 2 years would be bucking the trend, my lovely wife in tears by my side it was not something we ever expected to be faced with. ( I know this is a normal reaction )


Made the calls to family and friends, which was horrible to hear the pain and tears


Two days later ( Yesterday ) I had my port inserted just round out the week, last night I was at my lowest. Determined to fight but shocked to the core and worried about family.


I will say the amount of love and support from old friends and my employer has been staggering and I struggle with the one being the centre of attention and support. My Wife Lisa and Son Kieran scooped me up and held me close.


Still getting squared away in my head, the desire to embrace every day and beat the odds is strong, just not 100% sure how to start...



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