Re: Bladder cancer TCC Hi Guys', Thanks' for all your support and well wishes. I returned from my urologist with bad news. Nothing that wasn't expected. I asked my urologist how much time I had. He said 6 months without treatment or 12 months with treatment. I felt sorry for him, to be put in a position of telling someone their terminal, not a good position to be in. He looked very uncomfortable about it. I'll be more interested in my oncologist opinion on what time I have. I see him on the 30th March, about starting chemotherapy & or radiation. As you all know, cancer has a mind of it's own. I've been reading my bible, it's helping me a lot mentally. What's the first thing you do when your planning a holiday. You read the brochures on where your going. That's what I'm doing, reading the brochure on my trip. I've written on the side of my bible. "Dads' Travel Brochure". Merkel (wife) & I are handling it well. We went out dancing on Friday & Saturday night. We do a lot of dancing, swing, jive, rock'n'roll & ballroom. We won Mr & Mrs Rock'n'Roll a few years back. I play guitar & bass, music gives me a lot of pleasure. We have a son, daughter and four grandchildren. I think it's harder on the children. Our son said, when I lose my hair he's going to buy me one of those plastic Elvis Presley wigs to go dancing in. Where would we be without humour. Wazza
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