Hi Guy's I'm writing an update on Wazza. He's travelling OK. He's still weak from chemo, even with the lower dose. His nausea is the biggest problem, were copping with it, we have too, don't we. Yesterday Wazz had an appointment with his oncologist. An hour before we left home, Wazz was having trouble coordinating his left hand (his left handed), we put it down to him having had a hot shower & still weak from chemo. On the way into the hospital he was having funny feeling in his left hand & his left arm kept falling off the arm rest. Wazza's oncologist did some basic tests on him, he told Wazz he was having a mild stroke. Sent him off to have a CT scan on his brain straight away, to confirm his cancer hadn't spread to the brain. Results were all clear. His oncologist then put Wazz on aspirin to thin his blood down. He told me to keep an eye on his condition, if he became worse to take him straight to emergency. Last night having dinner his left hand kept falling in his dinner which made him mad, because he couldn't control his left hand. His still sleeping. I'll see how he goes today. Take care all, Merkel & Wazza
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