The word has been thrown around like wildfire. Its Cancer. You have Cancer. The Cancer may spread. Sorry did I forget to mention, You Have Cancer? But hold on. I don't recognise this word. This word is not me. If I could describe myself in a word, it would be... happy. Or maybe that was my word and now I have a new one. I didn't pick this word but then again maybe it wasn't my choice.
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I much prefer happy ... stick with that one 🙂
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Hi There 89nicole What's in a name? Everything is in a name - who we are, how we are known, how we are remembered. The Cancer Council used to have a statement which I have not seen around for a while. "Cancer is a word, not a sentence". That is just it, it is not a name, it is a word that describes something that has happened to cells in our body. What we do with that word is our choice. We can reject it, we can accept it. We can own it, we can disown it. We can deny it, we can acknowledge it. All of those are up to us. What we have to accept is that the is a mass of cells, our cells, that have got out of control and are growing within us, threatening to spread throughout or bodies and screwing us up physically and psychologically (possibly financially an socially as well!). It doesn't mean that we cannot experience all the emotions we are used to and perhaps a few that we are not used to. It doesn't say that we have to stop being happy or fulfilled. It doesn't mean that there is not a lot of help out there for us. There is all the medical, skill knowledge and technology that can be marshalled to get those cells back under control. There is all the supportive care available, although sometimes we have to hunt a bit more for that. There is all the support offered through this site and the Cancer Helpline 13 11 20. It is never our choice, or any other persons for us to get cancer. The more I understand about this disease the more amazed I am that cancer is not more common and it is a tribute to evolution, creation, design, or whatever you wish to call it, that each day billions of our cells can replicate, die, be replaced, without mistakes occurring that lead to cancer. There is a Cheers Sailor As we sail thru life, don't avoid rough waters, sail on because calm waters won't make a skillful sailor. Anonymous
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Hi there too 89nicole! I used to wonder after my husband's diagnosis if I would ever wake up again and not think of that word- cancer- as the first thing has taken awhile, but more days now are spent woken up by my 2 year old demanding time to think of that word! Go with happy- a very good place to be. Welcome! PA
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