can someone advise on pain relief from radiotherapy treatment for tongue cancer.
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Hi Latnem, Very sorry to hear of your news, my Father also has cancer of the tongue, he is on a number of medications!!! How long has your wife been having treatment? If you have any questions please feel free to ask me. Tamara
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Hey Latnem So sorry to hear about your wife. How far along is she in her treatment? What type of pain is she suffering that she is looking for relief from? Sending healing thoughts to both of you Amber
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Hi Lantnem, my mum went through the rigours of tongue cancer treatment: the pain, the discomfort etc. It's tough, it's horrible not only for the sufferer but for the carer/s who sit and watch. Each day, each small step is larger than the joy of watching one land on the moon!! Hang in there. 5 year on, my mum - though changed has survived and doing the best she can. Her mantra is : this is now my life, I've a life to live. I'm amazed at her strength as 5 years ago it was just all too hard for everyone.
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