Hello, I am new at this and not sure what I am supposed to say. Last March, I was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer and after many treatments and a hysterectomy I was declared clear. Then in May this year, my Oncologist informed me that the Cancer had returned in a more agressive manner. I am waiting to have a PET scan to determine if it is operable or not, if it is, then I will have to have my bladder, bowel and vagina removed, this I am not thrilled about, if not then I have a twelve month life expectancy, I am not thrilled about that either. I am 63 years of age and have a wonderful husband, five children and 10 grandchildren (rangeing in age from 21 years to 2 years). I am not scared of dying, I am more worried about those I will leave behind and I am not making any decisions until I have the PET scan. It just seems vary difficult to talk to people about the Cancer, I don't know how much to tell them. I don't want them to feel any different towards me than they did when I was Cancer free and healthy.
Hi Carian, Welcome to Cancer Connections. Feel free to talk about anything Cancer related. We are all here to listen to each other and provide support. Please keep us updated in your journey. Best wishes
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Hi Carian, Sorry to hear of the return of your cancer. It's something too that I live in fear of. I had a radical cystectomy after being finally diagnosed with an aggressive form of bladder cancer early 2008. A lot of what you said rang true for me too. Anytime you want to talk about living with a urostomy or anything, I'm here. Hugs Julie
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Hello Carian, Just popping in to find out how you are.
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I would be stunned too. I can't imagine life with those parts of your body removed but until they explained it to you ,you probably couldn't either. A 12 month life expectancy is not a great option either. My thoughts are with you. How disappointed you must be with the cancer returning so soon after you thought it was all good. I think I get how you feel about your family. I am about to turn 61.I have 3 children and 7 grandchildren.I also have a wonderful husband. Here you can say whatever you need .It must be so difficult.I wish you well.
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I just noticed that this blog was in 2009. My reply ought to be ignored as it may br irrelevant . My apologies.
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