Talking to your doctor

In the period following a cancer diagnosis, you will no doubt have many questions and understandably may be quite worried or even stressed.


To help you receive the best care possible, it is important that you remember you are entitled to:

  • ask questions, at any time.
  • be informed about the details of your treatment and care.
  • be able to make an informed choice regarding treatment, from all the options made available to you.

Tip: As you think of things to ask, write them down on a bit of paper or in a note taking application on your mobile phone, then take this along to your next appointment.


If you find it difficult to ask questions or take notes, you may like to take a friend or family member to assist as well as advocate for you if necessary. Having someone with you can be particularly important just for moral support alone.


CAN.Recall App

Rare Cancers Australia have a mobile application, the CAN.Recall App. This is an invaluable tool for anyone affected by cancer, especially in the earlier stages.


CAN.recall appCAN.recall app

Available on both Android and Apple devices, this app allows you take notes, as well as to record your consultations so that you can play them back later, which is also handy for people who's first language may not be English. Find out more about the CAN.recall App.


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