Unusual Case


Unusual Case

My dad's had his regular GP examining his prostratitus

and for 8 years had his semiannual biopsies rated as gleason 6 - one core.

NOW 4 cores clear and 2 cores at 6 and one at 4+3 and one at 8.

his PSA is 9.9 and radiometry shows metastasis in 3 ribs one of which

is broken due to osteoblastosis.  Bone mets is incurable a/o '19

he went from stage I to stage IV in less than 3 years.


Sorry for posting this here.  I saw Start Here.  My PSA is .9 not the perfect .5 but

I digress.


What burns my britches is that the medical community sets standards for

PSA of greater than 4 to be only "warning of possible slow growing cancer"

the level of intestinal polyps!   Also now, because of the three operations

it took to install 4 stents for "severe angina" his surgeon is refusing to perform

the radical prostectomy.


I mean how about PSA7 as a recommendation for prostate removal.

He got to urinate every hour or two this whole time anyway.

Not like he was expecting to have children.

In his case I believe it could have not affected his lifespan.


Do these doctors expect people to just die young?

His uncle passed due to PC in lymph nodes at 94.


Now he can't play golf, or bowl either.

at 78 he just had to stop jogging his daily 2-3 miles due

to general tiredness and can only ride a stationary bike.

Nautilus is out.  I'm afraid to ask him if he can still fish.


My dad is the smartest guy I know.  He was a nuclear physicist for

nearly 40 years (chemical and atomic worker's union) and a financial


Ages 85,12,78Ages 85,12,78

Isn't the key to success with cancer early detection after all.


Who could know to question the advice and suggestions of competent physicians?

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Re: Unusual Case

Hi @looker_labs,


I hope all is well with you - I've just moved this up to another forum, so hopefully it'll get a few more eyeballs!




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Re: Unusual Case

Oh first round of radiation                                                                                                                         newgen?

44 days



but they say he is post-operative


pain meds allow him to bowl a few games a week,

he's gone fishing and his short game is great, but 'swinging for the nets'

300 yds+ is out - 65 yards and i'm surprised he's not past the hole.

bogie. bogie? can you say double bogie?




labs and films are bad imho


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