Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy

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Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy

I had a right frontal lobe gliomna removed from my brain 2 months ago.   Since then I have started oral chemo but received a call today from a different oncologist about looking at radiotherapy.    I am confused my neuro said she got all the visable tumour and hopfully chemo can mop up anything else.   Is radio now overkill?

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Re: Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy


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I don't think that anyone here can tell you whether radiotherapy is going to be overkill.

My advise would be to ask your current oncologist why she is advising radiotherapy treatment where your previous neuro isn't.

If in doubt, ask for a second opinion.

It's your life and your brain. Make sure you ask about potential side effects and ensure you make an educated decision.

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