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Are you living with advanced cancer? Discuss how best to manage pain, access palliative care and manage with changes to relationships.
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Hi everyone my name is Trevor i am a 49 year old man living in Victoria. I once was the fighting fit chef who worked all over the globe as an Executive Chef until recently discovering that i was getting sinus pain a lot. I went on antibiotics went to many doctors t...Read More
By Cheftrevor01 7 replies 859 views
I was diagnosed with Stage 4 oesophageal cancer in March this year. It had metatisised to my liver and lymph nodes. My initial CT was on the 16th March. At this stage I had pain around my liver and some difficulty with swallowing. I had to wait 6 weeks before chemo...Read More
By MISTEREE 2 replies 616 views
Hi, I'm new here and would love to hear from anyone who has , or has had, bowel cancel. Thankyou.
By ES 3 replies 691 views
Thought we'd let the Online Community know about a new telephone support group for people with Metastatic Melanoma (stages 3 & 4 or people on a trial).  It's being run in partnership with Cancer Council and Melanoma Patients Australia.     Having a metastatic melan...Read More
By Gab_CCNSW 0 replies 402 views
I am 67 retired at 65 and diagnosed 18 mths ago with stage 4 bowel cancer metatisised to the liver (inoperable).  My initial 6 months were horrific in and out of hospital and ED.  Two attempts to insert Porta Cath which in a few months had to be removed and reinser...Read More
By Never-ending 2 replies 758 views
6 years ago I had a melanoma on my back, and some lymph glands removed. All seemed ok until last year when after 5 years a 38mm melanoma tumour was found in my lymph glands, and removed along with all remaining glands in the area. Last week I had my 6 month PET/CT ...Read More
By Bryan99 4 replies 4,405 views
My husband was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma last week with lesions on lung and liver.  They did a liver biopsy. This week his scans show the cancer is widespread through his stomach lining, lungs and liver with liver duct blocked and some fluid in one lung. H...Read More
By luckiestgirl 3 replies 1,137 views
Just wanted to give a shout out and say hello to other oesophageal cancer people here - hoping you would like to share how you are going etc. I'm Stage IV, it's been 14 months since my diagnosis, I'm currently stable and feeling really well and healthy. I find it...Read More
By Kathyhtak 14 replies 3,891 views
I am 67, single [my husband of 37 years divorced me and went to live with a young man, aged 22], parent of two adult children who are quite worried about my condition and that I am coping without anyone else in the house. After four months of very serious hospital ...Read More
By kathe_bonann_ma 0 replies 2,575 views
Just curious to how you were informed.I should state that im not bitter or upset even tho I would much prefer a different prognosis than the one I was given. For your information I have a stage 4 glioblastoma brain tumor. Now I do realize that what it is, is what i...Read More
By bezbub 8 replies 3,719 views
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