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I never imagined losing a brother to cancer would be very painful, let alone losing 2 brothers to this cruel and sickening disease - Cancer.


An amazing time to find out who your real friends are,

My partner's kids have been amazing. When I was receiving chemo in Perth and was looking pretty dodgy (the consultants words were 3 -4 weeks) they jumped jets and flew from Hong Kong and Sydney to support me and their mum.


My wife Barbara is now six months after a Whipple, amazing how your personal life changes and as a carer I am always alert to those changers.



I am caring for my mother who has had surgery for a large tumor on her tongue, needless to say her eating is limited to soft runny foods and her talking is very hard to understand. Her weight has dropped sufficiently and her energy levels are very low.


After my 10 treatments of radiation and adjusting to my tablets of lyrics oxycontin tamoxifan and a heap of other drugs I was pretty ga ga. I had so many people telling me what was best for me what I should eat what I shouldn't eat what I should do and what I shouldn't be doing.


I was diagnosed with fourth stage metastisised breast cancer in 2013. I was given months to a year to live. The cancer was found in four places. My right breast 8 lymph nodes under my arm a patch on the main artery in the back of my head and has eaten out my first vertebrae. They removed it from under my arm and my breast.

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