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Mum won't tell me anything until I see her next weekend except that her skin cancer results are not good and she will need to have radiation in the New Year!


My Dad (preacher) passed away in 2019 from complications due to having stomach cancer and going through chemotherapy. So fast forward to today, in the name of JESUS CHRIST I pray for people no matter their illness or sickness. I have a small healing ministry and I've seen a lot of healings and miracles these past two years. So if you're interested email me and I can pray for you over the phone. Doesn't cost $$$ anything I pray for people all the time on the streets for 28 days and then it's back to work on the boats for 28 days. So if interested e-mail me GOD bless 


Hello, I am a 4th year psychology student at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. As part of my course, I am investigating psychological wellbeing, resilience, and loneliness lung cancer patients. Your participation would be greatly appreciated:



This week swept me up and delivered the news that initially took the wind from my sail and impacted so many 


First off I want to say ‘Hi’ to others who venture here. This is my first time communicating on here, and my heart truly goes out to everyone that has had to endure going through cancer in any way, shape or form. 
A bit about myself, I was diagnosed with aggressive bowel cancer, which via having a scan, a dark mass on my ovaries was detected, and my diagnosis was aggressive stage 3 ovarian cancer which had not yet metastasised, and both cancers were seperate. Late January I had everything removed & have a stoma bag for the interim ‘ which the surgeon wanted me to have on a permanent basis’ and last month my PET scan showed up void of any sign of cancer, though that I’ve been informed has a probability of changing down the track.

What I’m really disappointed in, is the fact that ovarian cancer, even though once found can be removed, has a really high likelihood of returning. Had I known this about ovaries, I would of had them removed once I no longer intended to have any more children, but the fact is no one gets told about this, it’s only when cancer enters your life that you tend to hear about the highly negative outcome that occurs. They say that the amount of those it inflicts doesn’t really make it viable to have females informed about what can happen if cancer of the ovaries occurs, but at least I would like the opportunity to have had the knowledge out there as the saying goes ( Prevention is better than a cure ). We’re informed about cigarettes being a cancer concern, so why not be fully informative in all areas.  Even though cancer is not something that has run in my family at all, I still would like to have information out there because the more we’re educated in these areas the better.




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