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I wander, I mean really wander. This very moment I'm wondering of the possibilities. A few weeks ago I was

fully employed, managing a small but rather busy farming operation. Lock, stock and barrel, the whole nine yards. Livestock, maintenance, operations. Included is a 30 acre well appointed estate.

My health has always been good, maybe better than some. Whether I'm driving a pitchfork mucking out the barn or splitting Douglas fir rounds in preparation for heating the main house this coming Fall and Winter.

I have a belief that hard work is a good foundation towards good health.

A long story short, I began to feel pain in my back. But nothing to account for it. Nothing out of the usual in my work load.  In a weeks time it was evident this new ailment needed attention from the medicine man, in my case the medicine woman.  The first visit  revealed I'm healthy. So more tests are ordered. 

Finally the X-ray   revealed  a lesion on my tenth vertebrae.  From there it was discover that cancer had developed in my lungs and metastasized to my spine. Oh and the pain? Quite mild, actually, livable.

Until one day I felt like I was broke in half. I had to see urgent care. Since then I'm heavily medicated for the pain. Which is very manageable and appreciative from my experience.


Dear Budgie, thank you for replying to my blog. I agree with you that I need stronger meds. The scars from the operation look fine and my GP has done blood tests. I am scared to take too many endone as I don’t want to make my GP cross, but he has always been very understanding, so yes I will go and see him and have a chat. Many thanks Budgie, I’ll let you know the outcome. Regards Rikki.


Early Stage Cancer


Hi all, I’m back again. I finally saw my cardiologist yesterday regarding my breathlessness and pain after a top left lung lobectomy followed by radiation for six weeks. He told me that my atrial arrhythmia was out of whack and has given me beta blockers for the arrhythmia and also thinks I have angina and has given me a mouth spray for this. I also told him about my very sore left breast and I’m having an ultrasound for that on Thursday. I still can’t believe this has all happened since the end of May this year. I have to have further blood tests and another ecg. I guess it will all come to an end one day.


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