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Another decade gone by.


It’s OK to be feeling less than festive at this time of the year. What is more important, is that you take the time to be kind to yourself over the holiday period.


The 40th Cancer Council webinar was streamed live, here, in the Online Community!


The topic for this Webinar was: Men in Survivorship - stuff mates don’t say.


Well it looks like next week is ch3


This Cancer Council Webinar was streamed live, here, in the Online Community!


Last week I got news. It had a Big C in it. I remember the specialists mouth moving but my brain had flitted off into the stratosphere chasing that word that fills people’s minds with sadness, fear and regret- and then I laughed- like some crazy maniacal nutter and calmly but loudly said ‘I knew it, I bloody well knew it, my intuition was screaming something was off and I knew this was coming’.

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