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I thought I was being wheeled to theatre to get put to sleep and the op done. Instead I was wheeled into a room next to the theatre.  I remember two people working on me.  Putting in canulas, drips, needles, alsorts, kinda of like the pre theatre part.  Last thing I remember was a gas mask being put on and being told to count, next thing I was in recovery.


The surgeon had said that he would ring hubby as soon as he had finished the operation.  So since 3pm hubby, mam and dad are in the lobby of


I was to have an early breakfast of toast and tea at 6am. The fast after that, however I could stilll have water or apple juice up to 9am.


I was getting worried about my breakfast arriving on time, it came at 6.10an so I gulped it down, however, I dont think a few minutes would of made any difference.


I had showered using the antiseptic wash last night, and I was to do it again this morning before the op.  So i figured I would have a late shower and sit in bed and read magazines.  Hubby was comi


Thank goodness I staying in HBF.  i was going to cancel at $204 per fortnight and we didnt really use it.

I arrived at The Mount and had my clinic appointment where the Nurse told me what was going to happen before and afterwards.  She was very friendly and made up relaxed.  She said the surgeon needs me to have another chest xray before the operation and handed me the form.  She told me the imaging place is on the next level...i stopped and thought about this.... I am not admitted yet, therefore


 I received an appointment letter to see the Lung Surgeon on the 8th of May, Finally!!

This appointment was then rescheduled to the 22nd May, I hate waiting.

This appointment was then rescheduled to the 29th May.


There are only 3 surgeons in WA that do this operation.  My surgeon has not done one for a while as usually when the Lung Cancer is discovered, it has spread, and the operation cannot be performed.


He looked at the dates that the Cancer was found, and commented that I should of seen him s


While waiting for the appointment letter for the lung surgeon, I receive an appointment letter for the Breast Clinic at Fiona Stanley Hospital.


How did I get an appointment there? I went, this is great, now my lung and breasts will be done at the same place, that is if anything is on the breast. SKG seem to think so.  They said I need a biopsy on both breasts.


I attended the clinic, I explain to them that I already had the ultrasound and mamogram a few weeks ago, I have a copy of the letter from


2nd May 2019 I am formally told I have Lung Cancer,  I broke down and cried when the doctor told me. I looked at my husband, and he too had tears in his eyes.  The cancer nurse went to grab me some tissues. I though the doctor would have had some, or was I the only one getting bad news.


She explained with diagrams what was happening.  i had stage 2, non-small lung cancer (NSCLC), adenocarcinoma.


I need to see the surgeon and have a Lobectomy.  This is where they will remove a lobe of the right lung.

The left lung has 2 lobes, and the right one has 3 lobes.  I need the bottom right lobe removed.


Then I will need about 4 sessions of chemo.


i thank the doctor, and the nurse and leave.


i need to wait for an appointment with the surgeon.

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