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So I been having ups and downs on my eating habits. Used to eat ton food. But ever since treatment I been trying to get back at it to gain weight . But I’m always hitting bump in the roads of my Body telling me “ hey I don’t wanna eat” but yet I’m my stomach is like I’m hungry so my body acts like three year old. Where I have to eat small portions and eat like six times in a day. Then I just bounce back of losing interest of wanting to eat but my stomach tells me I need to and I know I want to but I just sit and stare at my plate.... Then I still have pain and swallowing issues from treatment. I do have medicine but causes me sleepy some times I do talk to my team but I just can’t get back to my “ normal” and keep it constantly 


Another decade gone by.


It’s OK to be feeling less than festive at this time of the year. What is more important, is that you take the time to be kind to yourself over the holiday period.


The 40th Cancer Council webinar was streamed live, here, in the Online Community!


The topic for this Webinar was: Men in Survivorship - stuff mates don’t say.


This Cancer Council Webinar was streamed live, here, in the Online Community!


Diagnosed with stage one melonoma margins removed and clear, Defenitley not the worse diagnosis completely aware of that , but i think to some degree we do go through the same thoughts and emotions no matter the diagnosis...talking to someone you dont neccesarily know takes out the stress of having to stay strong , worrying about not overreacting , and askng questions maybe you might feel are not valid or a "silly to ask "  but understands what your going through i believe is a massive support so im here to help !

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