Honestly I never knew these webs existed where u can just talk to someone and receive feedback. So I took a chemo drug named Cisplatin which makes me extra vulnerable to lung cancer and around people smoking, And it is very frightening to go on a vacation and find that the whole country smokes. But I came here because I am doing an essay research project surrounding the financial and stigma attached to lung cancer. I would highly appreciate your comments coming from people who understand what I mean. I really do not mean to upset anyone and don't want to cause any hurt feelings


Do think that in the UK lung cancer patients who were previous smokers should receive any financial support such as unemployment benefits and financial loss resulting due to cancer? Because they had already known the consequences and the effects. Aswell as the fact that cancer treatment in general is super expensive towards the nhs.


Do you think there are any controversies surrounding lung cancer or any stigma being attached?



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