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I am 53 years old.  I was diagnosed with tonsil cancer last May 2018.  I don't want to bore everyone with my story, but I am willing to listen to yours and compare notes.  Feel free to contact me.  We all seem to now live in a community of friends that have the com...Read More
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Hi everybody,I was sent for an MRI by my ENT surgeon (for tinnitus) and found nothing wrong with my ears and instead found a tumour in my brain. I have had no seizures or other symptoms that could be linked to it.  The first neurosurgeon I saw scared me and made me...Read More
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My emotions may be getting the best of me? I may be overly sensitive? I have terminal cancer, diagnosed February 13th 2018. My Doc gave me "up to a year". They told me I would be in a wheelchair at best, but probably bed ridden within a month from then. Well, it's ...Read More
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Hi everyone out there who has this horrible disease or is caring for a loved one suffering this illness.I am caring for my father and have come to another state to do this and walked away from my job as there was no one to care for him. It's now 5am in the morning ...Read More
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Welcome to the Cancer Council Online Community!   These forums are a safe place for anyone affected by cancer to seek information and support, as well as to tell your stories and share your experiences with others.   We'd also love to get to know you. Reply to this...Read More
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