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I've been really uncertain about tamoxifen. It makes me feel weird and I'm finally losing weight since Covid started. Any tips?. And does it make you gain weight?. Had breast cancer and am done with radiation.  Thanks 😊
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I have terrible OCD coupled with my crippling anxiety  and it is affecting my life. Sometimes I think about things that are not real. I want to get over it. How can I do it? Do you have suggestions?
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hello my name is Jo im 49 i have been on Tamoxifen  for six months and have started to have very bad side effects  i feel dizzy my anxiety  has worsened i have depression i already  had anxiety  before starting  these tablets so that is heightened is this normal pl...Read More
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Hi there, first I want to say that, I hope and pray that anyone inflicted by cancer a full recovery, or at the very least, all the support needed both medical and psychological. And those that are cancer free, a full life free of cancer. I wanted to ask and see if ...Read More
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Hi everyone, I have recently been struggling with a lot of health issues for the past year. However, in recent months things seen to have gotten worse. I am only 19 so I should not be experiencing any of these health issues. I am currnelty waiting on test results a...Read More
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