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My first round of chemo was so intense. First of all I sort of identify with the very idea of a nature boy, in tune with the mother herself. Oh I've enjoyed the early years of mind altering state of being and the likes. Probably helped me develop the character of w...Read More
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hi ummm where to start iam 48 a male who was last year diagnosed with non hodgkins MCL it is in the entire lymphatic system and has now invaded the bowel so drs have decided its time to treat.from next week i am starting r-dhap where ive been told i will need to be...Read More
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Hi to all,I have just started to read this, instead of making a phone call.I have recently been told that I have a stage 1 renal cancer, and will have to have the kidney removed for this.  It has taken me two years to get over pneumonia and I am finally feeling wel...Read More
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Hi all, Diagnosed in August 2019 with HPV16+ - t1n2pn1m0. Tonsil and lymph node (left hand side).  Had a neck desertion and tonsil removal(Tors) and took 3 weeks to recovery.  Saw 2 DR's and an oncologist afterwards and decided to not have Chemo or radiation as the...Read More
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Our next webinar will be looking at young adult survivorship, asking the question "What's so different about cancer survivorship when you're a young adult?"     Young adult survivors, (25-40 years), continue to experience complex issues beyond the immediate treatm...Read More
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