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This past Monday my husband went in for a colonoscopy. At the consultation after the Dr told us that he had a very large polyp that he was not able to remove and that he would contact a surgeon to see the best way to remove it and in the mean time he took biopsies....Read More
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My name is Phil. My stoma is named Pepper, but I think Pepper is like my hero and I am his sidekick. Must be true, because I keep taking shit from him.   I was diagnosed with bowel cancer a few weeks ago. This is my story. I'm determined to beat this. I think I've ...Read More
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I belong to a Facebook page called "Caring for Husband's with Cancer".  It's really big now, international and has over 1000 members.  The reason for this post is that more and more women are posting about how abusive their husbands are (ususally emotionally and ve...Read More
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I have been diagnosed with oesophageal cancer and would like to form a support group for people in my situation with the same disease or who have been diagnosed recently with any cancer.   We can chat here and meet online via anyone is interested in join...Read More
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hi everyone.i have had endometrial cancer stage 1a and come thru the other side.  6 years free on 2 September.  My mum has lung cancer [6x2cm].   She has secondaries in liver and in hip [size 11x3cm].  She also has cancerous lesions on the spine.  ‘Radiation been d...Read More
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