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Hi I’m 56 and have been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer three weeks ago. I started chemo last week and had the usual side effects it would seem.  Aching bones where it hurt to get off the couch then dry mouth , indigestion, diarrhoea and what I dreaded most , ...Read More
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I lost my mother after a long time of health conditions. I been a carer for both parents since I was young and lost my father to parkinson disease in 2010. Continued to look after my mother than lost my mother 2020 to heart problems.  Now that I don't have my paren...Read More
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 I would like to discuss some issues that I am having.  Ironically  for myself it wasn't the reality of cancer. I realised my journey after treatment was  my recovery time and the damage that was done to my swallowing, my saliva  etc - Having said that I now have a...Read More
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Hi my name is Graeme, earlier this year I completed 20 radiation treatments for prostate cancer.I was warned on the side effects but all went well with the treatment and 6 weeks post I only had minor symptoms. However at around 2 months I started to have lots of pr...Read More
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When I was going through my radiation treatment, I would make little jokes.  I figured the staff did a pretty grim job, and I might try and make it more human for them, smiles not tears, G'day, how you doin' ? I vividly remember the first lady leading me in there (...Read More
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