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Hi guys my dad was diagnosed with cancer back in June 2019 the doctor had made some phone calls to do extrays and so on and it turned out that my dad had a small tumor just on the right side of his chest its now been 8 months since then my dad didn't follow up on t...Read More
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In October last year my husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer stage 4, it had spread to his liver when diagnosed.  He started chemo in November and so far has only been able to have had 5 treatments due to being unwell, mainly due to side effects.  He is 63 ...Read More
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Hi, I am 37 years old and had an MRI two weeks ago which showed two legions one 2.2cm(which im told is really large) and one .7cm. The are on both sides of the Apex Peripheral Zone which I know is not good to have on both sides. The MRI radiologist reported them PI...Read More
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I was diagnosed with ACC in February ,2010.The tumour was in my nasal cavity,lacrimal duct and lacrimal sac.It was stage 3 cancer .I had surgery in April and imrt in June and July. An MRI in December showed no sign of cancer. There are surgery and radiation side ef...Read More
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Hi There So at age 44, I was diagnosed with a regionally advanced head & neck cancer.  It was staged at T4N2BM0 if that makes sense to any of you.  It was a cancer starting on the tonsil, and had grown to the point that it was abutting the jaw & soft palate, and th...Read More
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