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 Just needed to talk with people who understand.....7 weeks tonight that the love of my life passed away.Today has been pretty bad. Cant stop the tears. My house is so quiet..I miss him so much
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Hi all,Its my first post,I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 40 although I’m a healthy person but living 5 years of continuous there anybody there having same type.i would like to feel I’m not alone,feels so lonely and struggling to be strong enough...Read More
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Hi everyone, I am sending you all the biggest hugs as we deal with the awfulness that is cancer and what it does to our loved ones.31 December my beautiful Mum was diagnosed with advanced gallbladder cancer. We tried all the treatments she could undergo, but nothin...Read More
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I was diagnosed yesterday (preliminary prognosis until staging is confirmed)- with Stage 2 endometrial cancer. I’m 41 and have had a history of ovarian cysts, recently having laproscopy, Lletz, D&C etc which thankfully found a mass. The specialist was baffled becau...Read More
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 Hi, I am a 32-year-old mother of two. I had been having some health problems and ended up needing a hysterectomy. When the pathology came back from that, it was discovered that I had endometrial carcinoma. A month after my hysterectomy, I had to have a second surg...Read More
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