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Hello, been a bad 24 hours. My dads cancer has returned (he battled stage 4 bowel cancer), and my sister (33) has been diagnosed with breast cancer on the same day. Not sure where to turn, so posting a message here just to share so I don’t feel so alone. Need to be...Read More
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Hi all,I am international nursing student(final year). I was diagnosed with with kidney cancer on September 2019 at age of 26yrs old.And I underwent for Robotic assisted partial kidney removal. Later biopsy and Genetic test confirmed that my cancer is rare genetics...Read More
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Caring is not for the faint hearted, I have noticed that we often join a forum having ridden the emotional roller coaster for too long.   We feel exhausted, resentful, guilty, burnt out and more.  It is early days in relation to my husband's diagnosis and I am keen...Read More
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As a nurse I feel like I’m supposed to be the strong informative one, but inside I’m falling to pieces. I’m not coping with this and could use some words of wisdom.
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Hi there. I haven’t been diagnosed but have been referred and have a few questions regarding the diagnostic process for head and neck cancers. My GP has referred me to a private ENT as she feels I need to be seen quickly and the public system will take too long. Sh...Read More
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