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Hello, I'm hoping my experience with Xeloda side effects might help others who are taking this drug.  I take it one week on, one week off.  While I'm taking it, I feel more exhausted, am constipated, sometimes cry uncontrollably, and my heartbeat is harder.  I've f...Read More
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I do not know much medical terms, I had cancer in Tongue due to which doctors cut my Tongue. And now I speak a little bit.The treatment went on for a long time, now I am healthy, but I cannot speak well and there is a little mark in my face parents' efforts ...Read More
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My eldest brother died from Throat Cancer late Feb 2021, he was 59. I was fortunate enough to travel to NSW to see him before he died, with constant boarder closures , I am grateful for that.  I have always been a believer that those who pass over are always around...Read More
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I lost my husband of 30 years , 4 months ago.I've tried everything to cope but feel totally black.I have a 17 year old son who still lives with me [but we don't talk much] so I can't take the easy way out.I wish i could!
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I came across this article over the weekend (linked below), and it had me thinking about the fruit and veggie recommendations and how easy/difficult it can be to achieve these.   I know that looking at my dietary habits over the last year in lockdown, I fall into 2...Read More
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