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My dad who I haven’t spoken to in almost 3 years due to a problem that happened in the past has been diagnosed with liver cancer, he is 60 years old. I don’t know what stage it is as he won’t tell me much, I asked the doctors about it however they said that my dad ...Read More
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Hi all,   Cancer Council's next webinar will be looking at the social and emotional needs of men who have survived cancer. It's very simple to register, you will get a reminder of it coming up, and if you end up not being able to join the webinar at the time, you...Read More
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About 3 weeks ago, after getting a biopsy of a swallen lymph node, I was informed that I had a SCC in my throat. The initial guidence was that Radiation would be the most likely therapy. In the last week, we looked at all the options and have decided to go down the...Read More
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I'm not looking forward to tomorrow...more than likely it'll be my final time to say goodbye to my eldest brother. He is now in his final stages of pallitive care. He was diagnosed with bowel cancer two and a half years ago and after many rounds of chemo, surgeries...Read More
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I have been newly diagnosed with anal cancer and am trying to educate myself on this disease. I am meeting my oncologist today so the ball will start rolling soon. I would like to chat to any fellow sufferers about their experiences and how to get through this toug...Read More
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