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Hi I am new to the CC Online Community. A week and a half ago I was told I have Anal Cancer, waited 3 months to see a specialist, then to have urgent sent for MRI and Biopsy. My last PAP test result February 2021 stated HPV16 for further investigation???? I am anxi...Read More
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My husband has been diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer,  metastasised   to lymph nodes and liver.  He is so angry and keeps pushing me away, 🥺🥺  any advice? No
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I had this procedure over 5 weeks ago now. Given the enormity of the procedure and the lifelong dietary and possible other changes it would entail, I did consider not having it and just letting the cancer have its way, but here I am now. I know it's early days yet ...Read More
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Hi, I've been sitting here at home on my own remembering where I was 10 years ago today, I was undergoing a very long operation for pancreatic cancer and I'm very lucky to be sitting here writing this now. No one else in my family, or close friends, remember this d...Read More
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Hi, not to sure what to do with myself. My partner was my life, she means so much and can't see how I can go on without her. We lived in each other pockets we are so close. I have trouble talking about her in past tenths. She was my little cutie pie for 22 years an...Read More
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