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Hi everybody.So about me, I’m a 43 year old male and about a year ago I noticed that I had an increased tendency to bite my tongue when speaking. I know it happens from time to time but this was occurring three, maybe four times a week. So I checked my tongue and n...Read More
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I am so lost i miss my wife so much she was my sole-mate, the person i  loved so much, we were supposed to grow old together and do the things you do together, she completed my existence  on this world and now she has gone.i have such a dark hole to climb out off n...Read More
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Hello, my name is Shannon & I’ve just been diagnosed with bowl cancer in the large intestine. I’m 48 years old & this is the second time I’ve been diagnosed with cancer, almost 22 years ago I was diagnosed with uterine & cervical cancer. It’s was a tuff road but I ...Read More
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I am currently caring for my 67 year old husband who is battling Stage 4 prostate cancer which has matastisized to his bones.  He is 3 years into his battle and holding his own at the momenti am wondering if you can give me some information on a Health Directive bo...Read More
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Hi all, Apologies in advance for a long post.. I am the sister to a cancer patient. My brother was diagnosed with cancer 6 years ago. And had to recently undergo a BMT (as recommended by his oncologist) due to a mutation caused by chemo. He is in complete remission...Read More
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