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Hi there I’m just finishing 14 cycles of clinical trial chemo  each 3 weeks apart after  doing 6 cycles of initial chemo. I also have had a double mastectomy and lymph nodes taken from arm.  I feel ok but was hoping my oncologist might say I was done and I would so...Read More
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Hi Tony thanks for contacting me again. It’s 9.45 pm and I’ve had a pretty good day . I’ve re had my 3 vaccinations and my GP has given me a little more leeway to go out in the public within reason. I saw him today after he had been on holidays. So glad you have th...Read More
1 reply 12 hours ago
Also i want to go to the doctors but im not sure if these symptoms are concerning enough ..  so ive had swollen lymph nodes for the past 3 months 2 in my neck , one under my chin and quite a few on both sides of my groin im also constantly itchy all the time to the...Read More
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When I was diagnosed with head-neck cancer it seemed as if my oncologist was stabbing in the dark. Anyone else have that feeling?
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Ok just been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer with a Gleeson Score of 7 (4+3) I'm 49 and I already have ED so both the Surgery and Radiation options sound like a shitty deal. Can I "demand" to have something like Cryo or Ultrasound in the Public System or would I hav...Read More
1 reply 15 hours ago
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