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We are seeking participants for a study investigating how quality of life factors are impacted in lung cancer patients.   You are invited to participate in a study investigating how the type of treatment and stage of disease impacts on quality of life, psychologica...Read More
1 reply Monday
I have pancreatic cancer which has been held at bay by chemo and radiotherapy for over a year.  Cancer cells have been knocked back from glands and  bile ducts  to the primary site and even that has been reduced in size. I am so grateful and I am feeling quite well...Read More
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Upper thighLeft shoulderLeft shoulder a couple days laterChest just below neckHi all, Just wanting to see if anyone else has had something like this happen and if I need to be worried... for the past 2 months I’ve had very itchy skin, mainly on legs, arms, chest an...Read More
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Hi all. I've just gotten confirmed results from two biopsies that a mass in my pelvic bone is osteosarcoma. I've already spoken with my surgeon who strongly recommends full excision. Chemo and radiation therapy would not do anything at this stage. I never thought t...Read More
5 replies a week ago
Gday from Queensland, Im battling stage IV Triple Negative Breast Cancer for 1 year now. Started chemo in September 2022, then radiation therapy in July 2023 for 6 wks and November 2023 had 2 rounds of Doxorubicin, which sadly I reacted badly to it. There are days ...Read More
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