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My dad died on 3rd August 2021 only 4 weeks after receiving a lung cancer diagnosis. The doctors thought he would have at least a year to live but unfortunately he got an infection and died very suddenly. The cancer had already first to his spine which was broken i...Read More
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Hi all,so first of all this is very early days and in fact we are so early that we are still hopeful that the biopsy comes up with nothing sinister. The breast surgeon we consulted with after the mammogram was very confident that it’s not cancerous. Where we are at...Read More
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Just wondering if anyone has any experience on risk vs benefits in regards to palliative chemo and having no spleen?
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My husband has gone aggressive chemo for 3 months and has had multiple complications with a port leak. He is really short tempered and is snapping at me all the time. I’m trying to ignore it but it’s hard. I am trying my best to support him but am losing the will t...Read More
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Hello,After struggling for years with trying to conceive, I've finally had a test result come up with results. Endometrial carcinoma. I am terrified and heartbroken that my dream of parenthood will be taken from me at the age of 36. And that's just the best case sc...Read More
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