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Hi all, I am a 33 yo female, diagnosed with rectal cancer (stage 2 - T3a) amid Covid lockdown in Melbourne. Deciding to find out what food intolerances were causing my mild symptoms while in covid lockdown 1.0 may have saved my life. It was found about 6-8 weeks ag...Read More
7 replies 2 hours ago
Hello to everyone,I am writing this from far north in Estonia, I am 20 years old and my 53 year old mother was diagnosed with 3rd stage endometrial cancer in early December of 2020. She had complained about lower abdominal pain month prior and visited several docto...Read More
1 reply 5 hours ago
Hi everyone, I have recently been struggling with a lot of health issues for the past year. However, in recent months things seen to have gotten worse. I am only 19 so I should not be experiencing any of these health issues. I am currnelty waiting on test results a...Read More
2 replies 5 hours ago
Hi everyone. I'm booked for partial glossectomy (tongue removal) & right neck dissection in 2 days & I'm sooo scared! Has anyone had this cancer? What is post op recovery? Will I be able to eat & talk normally again? This is my 4th cancer, all primaries, no metasta...Read More
2 replies 7 hours ago
Hello, im 18 years old and have blood and mucus when I go to the bathroom and most strange of all is my stool is a light clay colour I’m bloated and have abnormal amounts of gas, my bloods came back completely normal, no anemia and no inflammatory markers. My GP is...Read More
3 replies 14 hours ago
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