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Hi Guys,Im a new by to this site. Been on chemo since jan 2019. Unfortunately I have the one that never goes away, it got my bowel, liver and 1 lung but am having a bit of a win, got it under control it seems but could be different tomorrow as we all know. I’m stru...Read More
1 reply 2 hours ago
I am 40 years old and diagnosed with  anal cancer  two weeks ago.  Four days ago I had the tumour removed and once this heals I have to  have chemo and radiation (6 weeks).  Is there anyone out there that can give me some idea of what I should expect? Any tips and ...Read More
4 replies 2 hours ago
I'm having Radiation for Breast Cancer, I had the simulation/planning process in mid September  where they marked the skin with tattoos. Now my treatment has started, when I lie on the bed & get in position, can anyone tell me why they need to put more on my skin d...Read More
1 reply 10 hours ago
Caring for someone with advanced cancer can feel quite overwhelming. Cancer Council NSW’s podcast series, The Thing About Advanced Cancer, includes two episodes specifically for  carers: In “Caring for Someone with Advanced Cancer”, Clinical Psychologist, Dr Toni L...Read More
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Hi, I've recently undergone 4 cycles of chemotherapy (etoposide and cisplatin), and am now done with the treatment. so far the tumor markers are good. Currently however after a week and half after my treatment I've been dealing with ear ringing and muddled hearing....Read More
2 replies 21 hours ago
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