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On Thursday I found that I have an 8cm tumor in my bowel. I have had scans to work out if it’s spread etc. My next appointment is Tuesday. I’m in knots. I have Coeliac Disease & I keep wondering if I’ve been doing anything wrong with my diet to cause this. I have 2...Read More
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Guess I just need to sound off as I'm isolated, alone in a rural area. A bronchoscopy showed part of my lung is collapsed and there's a tumour suspected to be cancer. The bronchoscopy was a follow up from an xray and a CT scan. They did a biopsy but the results are...Read More
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My mum 85 years was diagnosed with GBM in February.  It's non operable and she decided not have a biopsy or Chemo/radiation for the sake of an extra couple months.  When she came out of hospital she was on Dexamethasone but this was stopped about 4 weeks ago.  I no...Read More
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Hi Guys/Gals I recently moved from South Africa to Australia on a work-visa (DEC2020) and was only recently (early MAY2021) diagnosed with Melanoma (Breslow 2.3mm and Clark IV on my back from excised biopsy). It's been a emotional few days since the pathology resul...Read More
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CanCope is a mental health research study running online wellbeing programs for cancer survivors. The online programs are developed by cancer and mental health researchers at Monash University (Melbourne) who acknowledge that it can be difficult to cope once primar...Read More
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