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Where to begin! My husband fought lung cancer with everything, Although it had been 2 years from diagnosis, we never thought for a second that our time was up, he was still having chemo.  He had been unwell like many other times during treatment, and after a trip t...Read More
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tired of waiting. I never imagined it would be like this. Had a chest xray in early june. was then sent for CT scan which confirmed primary mass in right lung and various metastasis of various sizes in left lung. since then it has been wait wait waiting. Hospital a...Read More
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Hello!  Yes I have cancer I wont do the into-story. Just wanted to talk about a mental side effect I was not at all prepared for! Has anyone else's brain thrown-up somewhat irrational fears? My fear isn't debilitating at the moment - honestly cutting sugar out of m...Read More
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I have been diagnosed with brain cancer last year in August I have had a double mastectomy which the cancer traveled from breast to my brain I spent ,1week at RPA at the light house only for them to tell me they couldn't operate because the tumours were to deep in ...Read More
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Afternoon all,   We've been contacted by the researchers at the South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI), who are conducting research into finding the best ways to collect information on women’s health and well-being after receiving a diagnosis...Read More
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