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Hi everyone,  I'm new here.  I was diagnosed with kidney cancer 3 weeks ago as an incidental finding.  I thought I might have chronic appendicitis as I had a mild pain in my lower right abdomen for a couple of days.  It turns out I have a small stone there that isn...Read More
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Hi folks,At 46yo I was diagnosed with T4 anal cancer back in September 2019, finished the 6wks of  chemo radiotherapy in December, & am now dealing with the physical fallout so thought it might be a good time to connect with some of you folks who understand. I've b...Read More
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When I was going through my radiation treatment, I would make little jokes.  I figured the staff did a pretty grim job, and I might try and make it more human for them, smiles not tears, G'day, how you doin' ? I vividly remember the first lady leading me in there (...Read More
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They don't mention this in the instructional pamphlet, but cancer really does give you absurd and unexpected little victories once you're into your own personal 'overtime'. For me, I'm 2 years past my use-by, and hoping for at least another fifteen (age 47 with 3 y...Read More
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Hi all Still trucking along on my second course of chemo-radiation for head neck cancer, having just wrapped week 5 of 7.  Latest vlog tracking my progress is up on YouTube at     Cheers Shane
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