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My husband has been diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer,  metastasised   to lymph nodes and liver.  He is so angry and keeps pushing me away, 🥺🥺  any advice? No
5 replies 2 hours ago
Guess I just need to sound off as I'm isolated, alone in a rural area. A bronchoscopy showed part of my lung is collapsed and there's a tumour suspected to be cancer. The bronchoscopy was a follow up from an xray and a CT scan. They did a biopsy but the results are...Read More
78 replies 6 hours ago
Hi I am new to the CC Online Community. A week and a half ago I was told I have Anal Cancer, waited 3 months to see a specialist, then to have urgent sent for MRI and Biopsy. My last PAP test result February 2021 stated HPV16 for further investigation???? I am anxi...Read More
4 replies 7 hours ago
New to these forums, my name is Cary, I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in july of last year, soon after having an unsuccessful whipples.After many ERCP the doctor thought veins and arteries would be clear, they were not, so he had to close me back up. After h...Read More
8 replies 11 hours ago
So today was not like ever other day.  Honestly I keep asking myself if this is really happening.  I had a lump on my throat for a couple of months. When I went to the family Doctor.  He thought it was nothing but get an ultrasound.  The ultrasound results took a l...Read More
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