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I am so lost i miss my wife so much she was my sole-mate, the person i  loved so much, we were supposed to grow old together and do the things you do together, she completed my existence  on this world and now she has gone.i have such a dark hole to climb out off n...Read More
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Hi everyone I would like to introduce myself. I have recently joined in the fight against cancer with a diagnosis of liver cancer. Although the doctors have given me a time limit I intend to blow that out of the water and am staying positive. I have just started my...Read More
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Afternoon AllI was diognosed with Secondary Cancer in Sept. My family have bought me a cruise for feb next year.    Has  anyone know of a Travel Insurance compay that cover meThankyou  in advanceDeanna
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Hi,I'm new here: second diagnosis of BCC personally. My mother has metastatic BC, about to start chemotherapy.I'm very lucky that she has a good chance to kick the latest outbreak. I'm also grateful that next week I'll be having mine removed. But I must admit, I'm ...Read More
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My wife (49) died of cancer three weeks ago. The end of her life came very quickly after a a 20 month battle with stage 4 bowel cancer. I have a 14 year old son. The depth of my grief has surprised me. I thought that I had been preparing for her death, however, the...Read More
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