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had biopsy the other day , now just waiting to find out which flavour lol no idea where to next . but have lots to get done sooner rather then later 
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Hi, researching for a family member and I was wondering if anyone else had difficulties getting Troveldy prescribed by their Oncologist for Triple negative breast cancer that has mestatsized? Thank you.
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Hi everyone, I am reaching out on this forum to see whether anyone here or a loved one has had experience with stenting for oesophageal cancer. My dad is currently undergoing treatment, however surgery is not an option for him so symptom management is where we are ...Read More
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Upper thighLeft shoulderLeft shoulder a couple days laterChest just below neckHi all, Just wanting to see if anyone else has had something like this happen and if I need to be worried... for the past 2 months I’ve had very itchy skin, mainly on legs, arms, chest an...Read More
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Hi I’m 5 months post treatment for Base of tongue cancer that had spread to 3 lymph nodes in my right neck. I still have thick mucus, not much taste( everything tastes terrible) I can’t eat bread, pastries or anything claggy without having water on hand. It feels l...Read More
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