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Hi all, three months ago I lost my wife of nearly 21 years. We were homebodies, totally content in each other's company, but now I have noone. She was also my carer, and I'm finding it hard to look after myself. She lasted 19 months after being diagnosed with stage...Read More
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Hi everyone,I'm on the waitlist at my public hospital to get seen about a kidney tumour. It's small and not clear if benign or malignant. I got a letter saying to expect delays as they are busy and I'm freaking out a bit. What it it grows in the meantime or metasta...Read More
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I have just been diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer that has spread to both lungs. It’s been Less them a week since I Went to the doctor feeling unwell to being told I have terminal cancer. I have had to be flown interstate due to border restriction I am in isol...Read More
6 replies Sunday
I've been helping a young guy, a survivor of paediatric cancer.  He has spent the last several years grappling with depression, despite that he is clever, gifted even, and has a sweet and delightful temperament. I think our talks have been helping him. Anyway, I ma...Read More
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Has anyone else lost close friends or family members who you thought would be there during treatment? I saw this and realized cancer ghosting was a lot more common than I thought Cancer Ghosting: The Traumatic Side Effect No One Warns You About Read More
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