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OMG I dont know where to turn I've tried staying positive as the ENT said it was small and we got it early. I have just seen my hystology report its pT3 N0 but evidence of perineural invasion and in the margins. I was confident it would be better than this, still a...Read More
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Caring is not for the faint hearted, I have noticed that we often join a forum having ridden the emotional roller coaster for too long.   We feel exhausted, resentful, guilty, burnt out and more.  It is early days in relation to my husband's diagnosis and I am keen...Read More
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Hi, just new to this site received a diagnosis of ACC last week after 5 years of getting the run around with my lump, 2 biopsys, first one benign, 2nd inconclusive finally lost it and asked for surgery. Went into surgery under the impression nothing much to worry a...Read More
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I was diagnosed with ACC in February ,2010.The tumour was in my nasal cavity,lacrimal duct and lacrimal sac.It was stage 3 cancer .I had surgery in April and imrt in June and July. An MRI in December showed no sign of cancer. There are surgery and radiation side ef...Read More
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HI EVERYONE, I hope everyone is doing well, what a challenge we have all been thru.  Not only having a loved on with Cancer but then let’s throw CoVid in the mix ...ugh I think I’ve pulled out some hair during this time.  After being home with my husband during the...Read More
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