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Hello, I'm 31, a mother of two and married. I'm not sure what I want to write/ask but found myself here after having a meltdown in front of my 12 year old daughter tonight. Everything just got a bit much and broke down in front of her. Guess I'll tell my story whic...Read More
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 Hi everyone,  This is my first time posting here so please bare with me. My husband has been battling Head and neck cancer for 8 years now. He had surgery, radiation and chemo the first time he was diagnosed with cancer and was told that he was cancer free after t...Read More
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Hello, all! Last year l, I found a single, painless and hard lymph node on the left side of the back of my neck. I had it looked at and was told that it was a reactive node and required no further investigation. Since then, it's stayed the same, but I've had a ton ...Read More
9 replies 5 hours ago
This is the weekend am in a bit of turmoil.  Have had longstanding bowel issues of many months, initially detected and treated as H Pylori.  Anyhow things deteriorated over last month.  Last Wednesday had CT Scan, Friday afternoon got results.  Have a 13cm growth i...Read More
3 replies 21 hours ago
Hello, My name is Hugh and my Dad has stage-4 pancreatic cancer. I have a medical query regarding the reliability of the CA19-9 tumor marker number. I have read that the CA19-9 number can be a very reliable and accurate marker of a tumors regression, though for oth...Read More
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