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Hello,   I just thought I'd start a thread, where you might like to check in and share how you're doing, what you've been up to in this new world of social isolation and celebrate the good stuff, no matter how small ❤️   So how about it?   -Kate
53 replies 9 minutes ago
Hi folks I like to think of myself as being cured, but I have a forthcoming appointment with my surgeon and another with my oncologist 3 months later. Sometimes I try to convince myself. Sometimes. Anyhooo! My upcoming appointment is... by telephone. The doctor wil...Read More
3 replies 3 hours ago
I was reading the abc online earlier and I was reading this article. It's not something that I'm aware of others using.So I thought I'd bring this up as a topic of conversa...Read More
9 replies 4 hours ago
Hi folksFound out on Tuesday 14th May that I have T2 Bladder Cancer.  Looks like its contained to the bladder muscle so having PET scan on Monday and start 3 rounds of Chemo on Tuesday.  Feeling calm now that I know what it is and where it is.  The waiting for the ...Read More
6 replies 7 hours ago
Having cancer and cancer treatment can affect the way you eat, what you eat and how you eat. You may experience side effects from treatment, like appetite loss and changes in taste and smell, or simply feel too fatigued to think about preparing food. While this can...Read More
2 replies 8 hours ago
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