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Hi to everyone. I've just joined this site and wanted to know if there was anyone with my type of cancer out there. All the posts I've read are at least 3 years old. I'm hoping to connect with someone
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My 75 year old Mum has just been diagnosed with a 3.5cm brain Tumour last Thursday and on Friday she had a massive stroke.My sister and I have been working through stroke recovery. She has finally come home today and we are going on Friday to discuss radiation and ...Read More
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My 71 year old dad has been diagnosed with mestatic melanoma in late Sept (3 brain tumors and has spread to lymph nodes) he's had radiation and about to start chemo Dr have said that he may only have months but cannot say for sure. I'm very torn at the moment cause...Read More
by Meek in Work
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I've basically made some choices about how I live that I'm uncertain about, and I wanted to see what opinions might be out there in the community about the moral correctness of it all. I'll preface with a warning that some of this stuff is adult and potentially wil...Read More
3 replies Tuesday
In June this year (2017) I went from being a fit 45 year old male to having Brain cancer overnight.i had a seizure that started in my left foot and went up the left side of my body. A CT scan later that day showed a tumor on the right side of my brain. Two days lat...Read More
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