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Hi guys this is my first post although have often looked at the lungevity forum and this one on occasion. i was diagnosed with stage iv lung cancer in June 07. I had a nagging  cough that wouldn't go away and my GP was careful about unnessessary xrays as I have als...Read More
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2 1/2 years ago my Mum was diagnosed with mesothelioma, so we knew from the start it was terminal cancer, knowledge which is both a blessing and a curse. Early this year they decided she had ran out of treatment options and was handed over to palative care. Having ...Read More
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Hi every body I have stage 4 kidney cancer and had my right kidney removed 2years and 3 months ago is there anyone else in this situation I have pain at the bottom of my left side of my ribs I have spots on my lungs and will have ct scan soon, has any body have can...Read More
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Diagnosed 2006 with two malignant brain tumors. Radiation, Chemotherapy 4.5 years, Meditation, Chinese herbs, acupuncture, Ruta 6, thalidomide, Apricot kernels, etc........  Amazing oncologist.  Now having annual MRI scans to keep an eye on them but no change in 13...Read More
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Hello everyone, I’m new here, I had a skin lump on my face punch biopsied, only a small amount, and since it was done it looks like the lump has vanished.. of course google doesn’t help and said malignant melanomas can regress after such biopsy due to the bodies he...Read More
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