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I am currently having chemo treatment for CLL this is the second time in 7years.My immunity levels are very low and the same thing happened last timeLast time I had to give myself an injection at the end of each cycle but they haven't done it as yet this time.Due t...Read More
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Welcome to the Cancer Council Online Community!   These forums are a safe place for anyone affected by cancer to seek information and support, as well as to tell your stories and share your experiences with others.   We'd also love to get to know you. Reply to this...Read More
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My son jake has been fighting cancer since the age of 3 and yesterday we got the bad news that he only has three months left to live, we spent all our money trying to save his life since the age of three now he is 13, All he wants to do is play video games and beca...Read More
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My husband and I are British expats living overseas for many years. Our best friends for over twenty years are struggling. Four years ago Steve 50 was diagnosed with leukaemia. He was told in November 2018 that he only had a few months to live.  My best friend Sue ...Read More
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Hi all.... Wondering if any breast cancer patients or survivors have been recommended or been treated with this drug for Chemo? We've been offered the option to be treated with this through our oncologist, but it costs $10,000 so just want to find out as much as po...Read More
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