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Hi everyone. I'm going to keep this as to the point as possible.  How do you support someone (your good friend) who's 33 and is terminal with leukaemia? I'm obviously devastated beyond comprehension, but it isn't about me.I'm struggling to find the positives, becau...Read More
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12 months ago today at the age of 45 I had surgery at Monash Moorabbin to remove a 15cm ovarian tumor. In addition, I had a full hysterectomy, my appendix, lymph nodes and some of the lining of my abdomen was also removed.1 week after surgery, I received the news t...Read More
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My beautiful partner Stephen passed away due to pancreatic on the 17th of October at 5pm. It has been extremely hard for me. I have only left the house three times since his passing, to go to see the funeral directors, to go to a special place and then to his memor...Read More
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Hello everyone!   I'm putting it out there, I'd like to know how you are all doing today!   Whether you're doing well, or not so well. Or if you're back at work, or working from home. Out enjoying a nice walk or safely inside from the rain that's hitting Australia'...Read More
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I struggling post cancer with not being able to do the things I used to do. I find myself bored then I get very anxious and that feeling isn’t good. mom only 6 weeks post the news I’m cancer free but still every day is a struggle. mid anyone can suggest things that...Read More
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