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To leesnell.I totally understand your pain and anger.. i tend to vent my anger when i am out in public ..i cant tolerate a lot of things that people do or say...The home based pallative care team  have kindly allowed me to have regular phone counselling with their ...Read More
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HiI have been recently diagnosed with Primary Peritoneal Cancer and have had debulking surgery. Started chemo on Monday this week and have 6 cycles all up, three weekly.  Interested in catching up with people in the same boat in the ACT.  I don't know many people h...Read More
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Hi my husband has been battling stage 4 mantle b cell lymphoma for 8 months now. All chemo has failed and been told his cancer is terminal and only a few months to live. We both are devasted. We are so lost.
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Hi, my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in August 2017. He was having symptoms earlier the year and 2016 but GP just brush us off with normal pain killers. Only when my husband demanded a full body scan in July 2017 then we knew something wa...Read More
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Hi. After 5 years with continuous treatment, surgeries, chemo, I am now stage 4 terminal, and have just hit a milestone of 12 months of chemo having treatment every 2 week.  Life is hard. 
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