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Hi I recently lost my father in January to cancer which he fought for 4 and a bit years. We were very close I was the boy he never had but I’m finding it hard not to cry every time I think about him or have the flash back of him laying in bed at the paltive care u...Read More
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Hi my husband has been battling stage 4 mantle b cell lymphoma for 8 months now. All chemo has failed and been told his cancer is terminal and only a few months to live. We both are devasted. We are so lost.
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Hi all,My aunty has just been diagnosed with Endometrial Cancer How do we know which doctor is best and whether to go public or private?We want to make sure she gets the best treatment possible I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences  Matea Preston 
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Hi, my husband of 12 years has recently passed away. He had been battling cancer for almost one year. We have a 9 year old son. I am going ok mostly but I am struggling somewhat. I feel like am all alone. I have no family where I live. I do have inlaws but its not ...Read More
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Softly soothingThe aches and painsCaressing and de-stressingReleasing the toxins within. Sending them to who cares whereGentle slender handsWorking the bunched musclesCalming the bodies woes. Sound of music relaxing the mindAromatic scents cleansing the sensesDrift...Read More
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