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Hi everyone i thought I would see what advice you all could give me in regards to going on a holiday whilst a loved one is undergoing cancer treatment. A bit of history - my mum was diagnosed with Sarcoma in 2015. In early 2017 we found that it had metastasised to ...Read More
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Hi I am going out of my mind Hubby had just been told he has an epidural lesion with minor spinal compression at L1 , he has multpile spinla mets. He has a slight back ache but no other symptoms Our oncology appt is next Saturday but he has commenced on Dexamethazo...Read More
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Hi,I am new to the forum & have a question for the community in regards to a side effect that was brought to my attention at the beginning by my oncologist.  I am about to start round 3 of chemotherapy on Monday 19th March . I have just noticed my teeth now have a ...Read More
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I'm the ex-wife of a man who was diagnosed with melanoma about 6 years ago. We have three children together (a daughter, 18 and two sons aged 21 and 25) and we have both remarried. Last week we found out that he has multiple metastases (including brain) and so we'r...Read More
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hi all.. well my dear partner is having a ct and all that today to figure out this back pain.. apparently they now think its related to the cancer and im so scared it'l be spinal mets... can anyone tell me more info on this? can they do anything for the pain? im so...Read More
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