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Hi hmmm not quite sure how to start , brain not functioning on all cylinders so much crap going on in there,I just left my Ma 2 days ago she is still in hospital just diagnosed with cancer throughout her body she had a biopsy yesterday so will ahve final diagnoses ...Read More
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Today was not a good day for me and to be quite truthful, I feel emotionally beat up. My husband who has been diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer has become angry and bitter to the point that he seems to be taking it out on me. This is why I sought out a support...Read More
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Hi, my name is Bob, a 43-year-old Scottish Artist lost in Australia. In the last 18 months I've gone from zero health problems to having had a stroke, a heart operation, internal haemorrhaging and stage three Bowel Cancer. Post surgery, I'm now currently undergoing...Read More
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As Healthy Living after Cancer Health Coach I often hear from clients that they are struggling to eat five serves of vegetables in a day.  So here are some tips to eat more vegetables and achieve your goal to reach your five serves.   What is a serve?Many people ar...Read More
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