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12 months ago today at the age of 45 I had surgery at Monash Moorabbin to remove a 15cm ovarian tumor. In addition, I had a full hysterectomy, my appendix, lymph nodes and some of the lining of my abdomen was also removed.1 week after surgery, I received the news t...Read More
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I found this site and decided to blog because I have had so little information on people’s experience in similar circumstances in the grand scheme of things.    I dont one know what kind of thyroid cancer I had eg papillary etc. It was only when I received a helpfu...Read More
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Hi  my mum looked after my Aunty for 4.5months while my Aunty had chemotherapy treatment for ovarian cancer. During that time my mum said she was exposured to the bodily fluids when she cleaned (basins, toilet, shower, linen, clothing etc) and looked after my Aunty...Read More
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Hi my name is Janelle, i am 46 years old. In April i lost the love of my life to Stage 4 Metastatic Melanoma. We have three beautiful children, 19, 16 & 13 who now have to travel through life without their Dad. If one more person tells me I have to find a new kind ...Read More
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Hi allIm trying to make sence of my cancer if I have options and still carry on with day to day life of  kids and work . Any ideas on how to do this would be great. I can't get through the day without crying and that horrible feeling of dread just doesn't go away. ...Read More
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