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I noticed a lump in my leg. Should I get it checked?
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It’s a special time of year! As we count down the days to Christmas, decorate the tree and prepare for our family events, many of us are also preparing for the beginning of the school holidays, wrapping up business or end of year meetings and planning catch-ups to ...Read More
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Hi everyone, My dad was diagnosed with tongue cancer and had half of his tongue removed along with some lymph nodes. He was cut from his left ear to the middle of his neck. He thankfully beat cancer 4 months ago, but his pain seems almost unbareable and I have no c...Read More
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Hello all or any. I'm here as I have had my world come crashing down at a very likely diagnosis of Nose cancer, not sure which type yet. I never had a clue what the symptoms were untill this pimple in my nose had got bigger and turned into a red hardish lump which ...Read More
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I've been posting to a blog since the day of my cancer diagnosis. It has certainly helped me ! Once an issue is written down, I can stop worrying about it (sort of). I read a couple of books written by people with cancer. One made me think, He's in denial, that's p...Read More
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