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Hello, all, I have stage IV anal cancer (squamous cell) and started 2,000 mg Xeloda per day ten days ago.  Fortunately, I have little nausea.  My problems have been exhaustion and feeling very stressed-out.  I've discovered a way to make both side effects more tole...Read More
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Hi im an 18 yearold male, i decided to stop smoking for about 2 months now. This march 2020 i felt something scratchy in my throat but i ignored it because maybe its just a lilttle side effect from smoking. After a week i started experiencing difficulty in breathin...Read More
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Been diagnosed with secondary cancer in left neck lymph node. After scans a biopsy and PET, we believe the primary cancer is in my tonsils. Looking at robotic surgery to remove both tumours with a margin. The surgery has plenty of associated risks but if successful...Read More
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Was feeling a little bit weepy early this week and was headed toward a pity party before putting on my big girl pants and intentionally getting on with what needed to be done. The turning point for me this time was being reminded that I had not had a shower in a fe...Read More
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Hi Everyone, I was diagnosed with bowel cancer last April,had 34cm colon removed & a week in hospital. My issue now is the terrible diarrohea I have every day. I run to the toilet 4-5 times each morning. Doesn't matter what I eat either. Have had numerous tests for...Read More
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