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Hi there,   I had a smart port put in about 4 weeks ago, and I am having immunotherapy every 3 weeks, and I have had no problems at all, however the port in the last week seems to protrude more in my chest.   I just wonder if this is normal ? 
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They say they care, but they seem to have zero understanding about what you're going through. They do not give you consideration in terms of the painful struggle you find yourself in. You're going to be fine, they say, and accuse you of wanting special attention, e...Read More
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Gilbert K Chesterton once referred to a paradox as “truth standing on her head to get attention”. A prim example to illustrate this is with our solar system. Prior to Nicolaus Copernicus (1473- 1543), everyone in the world held the belief that the earth was in the ...Read More
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Hi my name is Fay. In October last year I was diagnosed with uterine cancer stage one and was operated on recently. I was diagnosed in one hospital & operated on at another hospital. I feel that this is causing a great deal of confusion for me. I was told by the fi...Read More
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Hi everyone,  I was just wondering if there are any immunotherapy drugs on the PBS that could be given to my Mum (advanced gallbladder cancer)?We know there's an ongoing trial at the ONJCRI with immunotherapy for rare cancers, but we don't know how long that would ...Read More
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