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This Cancer needs more funding ,research awareness and publicity.
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 Last year they found a small nodule on my right lung.  About 6 months later they did a pet scan to make sure it was not growing, and it was not growing.  My Doctor had me come back several months later for another CT Scan to keep an eye on the nodule.   This time ...Read More
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During National Cervical Cancer Awareness Week, it's important that we're aware of the importance of the new screening program for cervical cancer, which has now replaced the Pap smear test.   If you're like me, you hate getting your pap smear done every two years ...Read More
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Hi, my name is Jo and I was diagnosed with advanced stomach cancer in February this year.  I have undergone 2 rounds of chemotherapy and was lucky enough to be accepted into the Keytruda trial.  I am also undergoing genetic testing as I lost my brother to the same ...Read More
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Hi,So my dad just told me he got diagnosed with stomach cancer Stage 2 in June 2018. He don't want chemo and operations as he thinks that he can fight the cancer naturally by changing his diets- eating only meat and veges, taking super food and supplements. He went...Read More
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