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Hi all, I am a 33 yo female, diagnosed with rectal cancer (stage 2 - T3a) amid Covid lockdown in Melbourne. Deciding to find out what food intolerances were causing my mild symptoms while in covid lockdown 1.0 may have saved my life. It was found about 6-8 weeks ag...Read More
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Caring is not for the faint hearted, I have noticed that we often join a forum having ridden the emotional roller coaster for too long.   We feel exhausted, resentful, guilty, burnt out and more.  It is early days in relation to my husband's diagnosis and I am keen...Read More
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On June 15, 2020 my mom was diganosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer that has traveled to her liver and they give her 3 months to a year if she does treatment. I am devastated and am very upset and trying to stay strong for her but it is so hard. She has been my ro...Read More
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I wanted to join this forum to reach out to other wives supporting husbands through cancer diagnosis, treatment and after.After 10 years of good check up results and scans, my wonderful man got  the dreaded news, "There is a mass".My head just swam, I found it hard...Read More
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hello all, of all the medical side effects, I’m finding returning to the rental market the most difficult, as I can’t show a employment history in the last 2 years the real estates won’t even respond to me. Or is it the stigma with cancer?does anyone have any tips?...Read More
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